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Getting familiar with the medical care for foreigners in Turkey is quite essential now, with the increase in the number of foreigners coming to Turkish lands, the Turkish government authorities have worked to provide them with appropriate health care, such as facilitating the procedures for vaccinating children from the age of one day to 6 years free of charge. Other services also include foreign tourists’ emergencies, foreigners who are employed in Turkey, foreigners with a residence permit, and even private health insurance plans. Medical care for foreigners in Turkey covers a wide range of visitors’ types to ensure granting the best medical care that could be provided for foreigners.

Types of health medical care for foreigners in Turkey:

Foreigners Clinics:

They are clinics established by the Turkish government authorities in places where foreigners’ communities are spread in Turkey, especially in Istanbul and Gaziantep, where they are mostly located, and these clinics are characterized by low costs of treatment and the availability of all medical specialties, and foreign doctors work with them, making it easy to deal with them in terms of language. There are also many private clinics for foreign doctors with different specialties spread all over Istanbul.

Children vaccination centers:

The Turkish government has provided many centers that give the necessary vaccinations from the age of one day to the age of 6 years for all children, whether born inside or outside Turkey. In the case of children who were born outside Turkey and recently arrived in Turkey, and who have obtained birth certificates from their country, the certificates are translated and the vaccinations printed with the birth certificate must be translated as well. Then, you can go to any of the child vaccination centers and get the appropriate vaccination for your child. This is part of the high quality of medical care for foreigners in Turkey.

In the case of children born in a hospital inside Turkey, the hospital will give a paper with all the details of vaccinations until the birth certificates for the children are issued from the embassies of their country. Which makes it easy for a lot of foreigners who give birth in Turkey and it’s a very important part of the medical care for foreigners in Turkey.

In both cases, the doctor in charge of vaccinations gives the appropriate vaccination to the child, with the parents handing over a sheet of the next vaccination and its date. This makes it easy for the parents to follow up with their child’s vaccination.

Governmental Hospitals in Turkey:

They are free hospitals for Turkish and refugees living in Turkey only, this grants social justice for residents in Turkey and constitutes a very important aspect of the medical care for foreigners in Turkey. They also provide free emergency services to all citizens in the Turkish Republic, and here are the names of government hospitals spread throughout the Turkish Republic:

  • Governmental Service Hospital on the European side of Istanbul.
  • Marmara Hospital on the Asian side of Istanbul.
  • Bakirkoy Governmental Hospital.
  • Ghazi Othman Governmental Hospital.
  • Haydar Pasha Governmental Hospital.

You can check the official website of the ministry of health about governmental hospitals

Private hospitals in Turkey also provide medical care for foreigners in Turkey. As they offer health care for all citizens, and they are spread throughout the Turkish Republic and have all specialties. Including those that specialize in specific fields such as dentistry, psychiatric and neurological diseases, however, private hospitals in Turkey have high costs.

Here is a guide to non Turk hospitals in Turkey

Pharmacies in Turkey:

Pharmacies are spread all over Turkey and abound around hospitals. It is known that pharmacies in Turkey close their doors at seven in the evening and on Sundays, but the state provided the service of pharmacies that open after the specified date and on Sundays, however, it varies from week to week, and for this reason the Ministry of Health provides a weekly newsletter with the names of pharmacies. This grants daily service by pharmacies as a part of medical care for foreigners in Turkey.

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