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Get to know with us about the most important features of health tourism in Turkey and the elements of medical tourism in it.

Turkey is famous for having specialized and well-equipped hospitals, and a health care system that relies on a strict system that is keen to apply medical and technical standards, and uses high-quality standards and outstanding efficiency, and it has over 1600 medical hospitals and centers for every medical field which makes a lot of tourists interested in traveling to turkey especially for making a certain surgery or curing a disease.

All of this is placing Turkey at an advanced level among the countries of the world in terms of the level of medical tourism in it. In addition to this, the low and appropriate prices compared to the prices of European hospitals and medical resorts, which made it a destination for many European and Arab tourists alike. 

Types of medical tourism in Turkey: 

In a previous article, we talked about health tourism in Turkey through natural springs which is an important type of medical tourism in Turkey, which has proven its long-term effectiveness in curing many diseases, such as Orthopedic, rheumatology, and skin diseases. 

Check this article for more details about health tourism in Turkey through water springs:

Medical tourism through mineral water springs in Turkey 

The second type of health tourism in Turkey depends on the presence of many medical centers and specialized hospitals, which provides distinguished health care, which became famous and people became interested in being treated in it, especially in certain medical fields such as The field of orthopedics, hair transplantation, cosmetics, and liposuction, which are widespread in the world and especially in Europe, but at expensive prices, Turkey was able to provide it efficiently, with great quality and at low prices. 

Other types of health tourism in Turkey you can find in turkey:

Cardiology and heart diseases treatment, oncology and cancer treatments, rhinoplasty surgeries, Physiotherapy, renal diseases, and dialysis, neurosurgery, Thalassotherapy which is the use of seawater and elements to treat your skin or muscles, and a lot of other stuff.

Alongside a lot of amazing elder care services 

elements for the success of health tourism in Turkey: 

There are many reasons that made health tourism in Turkey a distinguished place, and they are as follows:  

  • Attracting distinguished medical personnel, several years ago, Turkey amended a set of laws, which guarantees that foreigners are allowed to obtain the equivalency of the medical certificate they obtained from their country, whether human medicine or dentistry, it also allowed the equivalency of the medical specialty certificate to ensure that many distinguished doctors are attracted to this field. 

 Accordingly, they have the right to apply for Turkish citizenship after the equivalency of their medical degree, after 5 years of equivalency.

  • Owning modern medical devices, of which there are few in the world, ensures an important element for the success of this field, in addition to using the same treatment techniques used in America and Europe.
  • Taking care of evaluating and diagnosing the medical situation of patients even before arriving in Turkey, until they are called to Turkey for treatment and receive a distinguished service. 
  • The Turkish government provides huge investments in the field of health, which makes the health tourism in Turkey flourishing continuously and remarkably, with interest in field hospitals, which is one of the plans to achieve promising goals in 2023 to serve the field of health and medical tourism in Turkey. 
  • Turkey’s distinguished geographical location made it an easy destination for European and Arab countries due to its location in an average place and the availability of flights to it from all countries.

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