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If you are a student at a university in Turkey or you intend to study in Turkey, you need to get student health insurance Turkey, you should be able to provide your own medical treatment expenses. You do this through getting a health care plan through SGK student health insurance Turkey. SGK also provides students with many advantages.

SGK can sometimes even offer completely free treatment in government hospitals. Get to know with us the importance and advantages of SGK health insurance, and how to get your own SGK student health insurance Turkey through the following article.

Benefits of student health insurance Turkey

First :
The cost of this type of insurance is cheap and economical compared to other private insurances. The minimum package can cost you approximately 850 Liras annually. (The price varies from year to year).

The insurance price does not differ according to the age of the student, as it is a fixed price for all foreign students in Turkey.

This insurance includes all of the Turkish government hospitals, and the reduction rate is 75%. It may reach 100% depending on the nature of the medical procedure.

The discount rate on medicine reaches 75% and more in all pharmacies in Turkey. Sometimes, the medicine is dispensed for free if it is available in the pharmacy of the hospital in which the patient had been treated.

How SGK student health insurance Turkey works for students

First :
The student issues the öğrenci belgesi paper, which is the student’s information sheet or acts as a letter of enrolment. This paper proves that the student is registered at a university, and it is issued from the university in which the student is enrolled in. It can be issued from the student affairs office.

The student takes the (öğrenci belgesi) and goes it to the nearest SGK office and asks for the student insurance. The student’s identity is verified and his fingerprints taken, his fingerprints are taken in Turkish hospitals each time to verify his identity.

Third and finally:
The required amount must be paid, it is about 850 lira. The amount should be paid through a Turkish bank transfer such as (Ziraat Bank) and others. This insurance lasts for a full year.

Note that:

The student can register for the SGK student health insurance Turkey within 60 days of his registration at the university. In the event that this period expires and the student doesn’t apply for the SGK student health insurance, the student will be prevented from government insurance services for the remainder of his study period for this year.

This insurance does not cover operations that fall under the category of plastic surgery.


What happens if you fail to make your payment regularly?

If you happen to fail to pay a payment, or fail to pay consecutive payments, it will affect you negatively. You will not be able to benefit from the insurance services in hospitals or clinics anywhere around the country. When you try to payback the fees, they will increase due to the addition of an interest rate as a penalty for the delay. You will not receive any discount in the hospital or clinics and will have to pay for the whole amount.

you can find more on health insurance services for students in Turkey through the following link:

There are other types of medical insurances for international students coming to Turkey. Getting medical insurance is mandatory, so it is better that you plan and search for the most convenient insurance plan before you arrive. SGK is a very good option, but it is very important to know what does it cover and what it does not cover.

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