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5 BEST things to do in BUrsa


get to know with us about things to do in Bursa or the green Bursa and its most important tourist attractions and industries for which this wonderful city is famous for on your website “Turkey for Expats”. “Bursa” or “God’s Gift” or “Green Bursa” as it is called by most Turks. Bursa is located in the northwest of the Republic of Turkey between Istanbul and Ankara.It is Turkey’s fourth most...

9 best summer tourism in turkey


Learn about the best summer tourism in Turkey through the following article on your website (Turkey for Expats). Turkey is a country with a large area, and that area has provided a large climatic diversity, there are places and cities with a warm climate in winter, and there are other cities with a cold climate and snow in the same season, and during the summer season, there are cities where the...

2 famous health tourism in Turkey


Get to know with us about the most important features of health tourism in Turkey and the elements of medical tourism in it. Turkey is famous for having specialized and well-equipped hospitals, and a health care system that relies on a strict system that is keen to apply medical and technical standards, and uses high-quality standards and outstanding efficiency, and it has over 1600 medical...

best halal tourism Turkey


Get to know with us about the most famous halal tourism Turkey destination through this article on your website turkey for Expats Turkey is the world’s first destination for conservative tourism, as it enjoys a large number of beaches, tourist islands, and scenic views.  In addition to its moderate climate in summer, which qualifies it to be the focus of attention of Muslims and other...

Your Guide to tram in Istanbul


Find out everything about the tram in Istanbul through the following article on your website (Turkey for Expats). The city of Istanbul has an integrated public transportation network that was specifically established to accommodate the severe congestion inside the city throughout the year. Istanbul is the most important city in Turkey at all, and the commercial and cultural capital is in it, and...

Know more about the biggest mosque in turkey, Çamlıca Mosque


Get to know with us about the contents of the biggest mosque in Turkey, Çamlıca Mosque. After 6 years of construction work in the biggest mosque in turkey, Çamlıca Mosque was inaugurated by raising the first call to prayer at dawn on Thursday, March 7, 2019. The opening coincided with the “Night of Desires,” which the Turkish people are keen to revive on the first Friday night of the month of...

MOST FAMOUS weekly bazaar in Istanbul


Get to know with us through this article on your website (Turkey for Expats) about the most famous weekly bazaar in Istanbul and their addresses in detail. Turkey is characterized by the diversity of its distinct markets that sell all kinds of goods and merchandise made locally and imported from outside of Turkey; In addition to foods and other goods needed by the house, the weekly bazaars in...

Valuable Things to Know About Transportation in Istanbul


Public transportation in Turkey is very crowded, especially at peak times within major Turkish cities, as is the case in Istanbul. Transportation in Istanbul is one of the most crowded in Turkey. For this, the Turkish government has been keen to allocate huge transportation networks that cover all parts of the city completely, and through it people can avoid private cars and expensive taxis, get...

The Most Important Mersin Attractions


The city of Mersin is one of the provinces of the Republic of Turkey. Mersin attractions are very unique as the province is located on the Mediterranean coast between the cities of “Antalya” and “Adana.” . The province of Mersin is divided into 30 provinces, the most important of which are “Akdeniz”, “Anamur”, “Ardemli”, “Kilnar”, “Mut”, and “Tartous”. The city of “Mersin” is the...

The Most Important Things to Know About Kocaeli Province


Izmit the capital of Kocaeli Kocaeli Province is a coastal Turkish province located on the Sea of ​​Marmara. This article will tell you everything you need to know about Kocaeli. The capital of Kocaeli is Izmit. Kocaeli has an area of ​​about 3635 square kilometers, and a population of 1,560,380 people and they are predominantly conservative. Istanbul is only 5 minutes away from the city or...

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