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Public sports center Istanbul is one of the things that is very special about it. The Turkish state provides many free services that are distinguished in terms of quality, in various fields of health and education, and these public sports center Istanbul is one of them. The Turkish state normalized providing the service of sports and fitness centers, at the level of all municipalities.

What is important to us here, is that this service is guaranteed to everyone who lives in Turkey, whether they are Turks or foreigners residing. Let’s get to know the advantages of sports and fitness centers in Istanbul particularly, and the services they provide. In addition to, how to register for it for free, and what papers are required for registration in the public sports center Istanbul.

Through our next article, we will get to know:

  • The advantages of public sports center Istanbul,
  • The services it provides, in addition to how to register for it for free, and what papers are required for it,
  • Registration in government public sports center Istanbul.

Advantages of public sports center Istanbul (spor salonu)

These sports centers have many advantages, they are spread all over Turkey, and they are characterized by their services and advanced facilities. For example, the sports and fitness centers provide various sports services including swimming pools and their trainers, and a variety of sports such as karate, kungfu, taekwondo, and gymnastics. It also offers jogging, tennis, chess, and other different sports.

One of the most important advantages is that these centers provide professional trainers for trainees in various sports, to follow all levels from children to adults, at specific times and days for various sports. It is characterized by being completely free for all residents of Turkey.

Conditions and how to register in PUBLIC SPORTS CENTRE ISTANBUL (SPOR SALONU)

To join these sports centers, all you have to do is go to the nearest of these centers to your address with your (residency), and ask about the kinds of sports available in that branch, then choose what suits you among them to register in it. The employee will request a set of health and medical examinations from you, to ensure your physical health, so that you are able to exercise your chosen sport without any damage to your body.

These examinations required from you differ from one sport to another, but registering in most sports require the following examinations:

  • Complete blood test.
  • urine analysis.
  • Cardiac ECG.
  • Skin examination.

However, you can perform these tests for free through the government medical centers affiliated with your municipality. Ask the employee about the nearest center to you.



Different sports that are famous in Istanbul

1- Soccer:

The most popular sport is football (soccer). Fenerbahce, Galatasaray, Besiktas, Kasimpasa, and Buyuksehir Belediye are the five Istanbul teams in the National Premier League, out of a total of 18.

2- Basketball:

Basketball is another prominent sport in Istanbul, with teams competing in the national league and at European tournaments. The city’s biggest basketball venues are the Abdi Ipekci Arena and the Sinan Erdem Arena.

3- Motor Sports:

Motorsports are also popular in Istanbul, with many national and local on and off-road rallies, as well as international races such as the World Rally Championship (WRC). The Istanbul Park Racing Track was established in 2005 to host Formula 1 races, Moto GP races, and other international motorsport events.

4- Water Sports:

Istanbul is surrounded by water, with the Black Sea, Marmara Sea, and Bosphorus being particularly busy. During the summer, there are sailing races and off-shore motorboat races on the Bosphorus and in the Sea of Marmara. Swimming races are also held, such as the Bosphorus Cross-Continental Swimming Race, which takes place in July. Off the Princess Islands, diving is also feasible.

You can check sports news in Turkey here on this website:

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Now you know everything about popular sports in Istanbul and the free public sports centre Istanbul. Tell us what you think about sports in Istanbul in the comments!

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