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Al-Huda International Schools was established as a private educational and pedagogical institution in the city of Istanbul. Al Huda school turkey targets a large group of people specially from the foreigners who are residing in Turkey, who wants to enroll their children in Arab schools.

The school provides educational and pedagogical services for all stages (kindergarten, primary, middle and secondary).

Al-Huda School turkey teaches the Lebanese curriculum, along with the modern model teaching programs and the multilingual curriculum,

And it stresses on the importance of high moral values.

Al-Huda school turkey also feature a highly qualified and experienced staff of teachers, in addition to an environment surrounded by a lot of information technology and advanced communication.

The Foundation owns a distinguished building west of Istanbul, within a huge educational complex, in conformity with the international standards.

Surrounded by excellent service facilities and meets the need of the educational process.

In al Huda school turkey is keen on the student’s future and their career that’s why it provides career events where they meet some career experts to discuss with them the career options and explore a lot of new careers for their future and the experts also gives them important information and knowledge to help each student seek the career he wants.



How is the school’s curriculum is the best for the students?

The development and search committee at al Huda school turkey searched and compared different curricula and chose the Lebanese curriculum because it is more distinctive and developed in many ways such as:

  • It helps in building the student’s personality and improve his cognitive, emotional and behavioral levels
  • It increases his urge to be more creative and productive and capable of performing his role in his society as a civilized person
  • the accreditation of the English language to teach the students different subjects such as mathematics, biology, chemistry, physics starting from the seventh grade to the twelfth grade
  • it is characterized with high flexibility which allow the students to choose to study the subjects and take their tests in Arabic in case their English is week

the school’s certifications:

the students in Al Huda international school are provided with a certificate that opens the doors of Turkish, Arab and international universities for him.

The certification granted to him is approved by the Turkish ministry of education and documented by the Turkish ministry of foreign affairs.

Al Huda school turkey uniform:

The school’s uniform is suitable for both boys and girls which promote equality and self confidence among all its students and it consists of pants and a t-shirt that has the logo of the school and it is available in two types for winter and summer.

Al Huda school turkey cafeteria:

In order to preserve the health of the students, the school provides daily meals, the kitchen maintain the highest levels of hygiene and it is always under supervision by professional food team that take care of the meals and select the best ingredients to prepare them.

Tuition costs in Al-Huda Schools:

Basic fee:

Kindergarten: $ 2,500

First, second and third grades: $ 3000

Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth grades: $ 3,500

7th, 8th, and 9th grades: $ 4000

Tenth, eleventh and twelfth grades: $ 5,000

Discounts offered by the school:

Sibling’s discount: 5%

Cash payment discount: 5% provided that the full amount is paid

 The registration amount is $ 300, including the installment, to be deducted from the first payment.

Costs of books and school uniforms:

Book’s cost: $ 75

School dress cost: $ 75

The school’s location on the map:


To contact the school, you can call:

Phone number: 00905530988900

Phone number: 00905550455074

From 10 am to 6 pm.

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