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The city of Istanbul has an integrated public transportation network that was specifically established to accommodate the severe congestion inside the city throughout the year. Istanbul is the most important city in Turkey at all, and the commercial and cultural capital is in it, and for this, we find Istanbul has 4 tramways that transport passengers between the city through trailers, it moves above the surface of the earth by electric power, and all the tramway stations are located above the surface of the earth, except for metro stations that are located under the surface of the earth and inside the tunnels.

tram in Istanbul: 

Istanbul has 4 main tramway lines: 

tram in Istanbul: T1 tram line 

(Zeytinbrunu – Kabataş) It is a tram line that starts from Zeytinburnu Station to Kabatas Station and is also called the Old Istanbul Line, it passes by about 24 different stations; Where you can reach the most important tourist attractions in the city, such as Sultanahmet Square, Taksim Square, and Ataturk Airport. 

tram in Istanbul: T2 tram line 


tram in Istanbul: T3 tram line 

(Edirnekapi – Sultançiftliği) This line gives you a golden opportunity to enjoy seeing the most famous landmarks in old Istanbul, such as Chora Museum, which is located at the Edirnekapi station. 

tram in Istanbul: T4 tram line 

(Kadikoy – Moda) It is a line located on the Asian side of Istanbul. 

Within the tram lines, there is a unique vehicle called (Istanbul Nastalgic Tramways), It is a vehicle that allows you to enjoy a unique experience. This vehicle is located in the T2 line, and this line passes on the European side of Istanbul, these vehicles are also located on the T3 and T4 line, which pass on the Asian side of Istanbul. 

The (Istanbul Nastalgic Tramways) flights are available every 15-20 minutes.

 Vital tram in Istanbul: 

The T1 tram line, which connects between Zeytinburnu – Kabatas station and contains 24 stations, is one of the most vital lines for tourists in Istanbul, as this line takes you to all parts of old Istanbul, the most important stations on this line are: 

tram in Istanbul: Zeytinbrunu Tram Station 

It is a station where there are many wholesales clothing stores, as well as the Zeytinburnu metro station, As well as Ataturk Airport, which is currently used for cargo purposes only.

 tram in Istanbul: Aksaray Tram Station 

It is an important station between the regions of Laleli and Aksaray. It is also close to the Yenikapi port where from this station you can reach the port in 10 minutes on foot. 

Aksaray tram station also has Aksaray metro station, Otogar bus station, and it is also close to Ataturk Airport. 

tram in Istanbul: Laleli tram station 

It is a station that contains many shops selling wholesale clothes, as well as the University of Laleli. 

tram in Istanbul: Beyazit Tram Station 

in this station, there is the “roofed market”, which is one of the most famous markets in Istanbul. There are also some other popular markets. 

tram in Istanbul: Sultanahmet Tram Station 

It contains the most important tourist attractions in the old city of Istanbul, such as Blue Mosque (Sultan Ahmed Mosque), Hagia Sophia Museum, Topkapi Palace and Museum, and many other historical and archaeological places. 

tram in Istanbul: Sirkeci Tram Station 

The station is full of shops, popular markets, and 3-star hotels. 

tram in Istanbul: Eminonu Tram Station 

At this station, there is the most famous “Eminonu Port” in Istanbul, which is the departure place for sea ferries from the European side to the Asian side in Istanbul. And the place of departure for ferries on trips to the Princess Islands and other Turkish cities such as Bursa and Yalova. 

At the Eminonu tram station, there are the Egyptian Market (Spice Market) and Mahmoud Pasha Markets. 

tram in Istanbul: Kabataş Tram Station 

At this station, there is “Kabatas Port”, which is another place for the departure of sea ferries to all parts of Istanbul, and also to the Princes’ Islands, At Kabatas Station, there is the “Kabatas-Taksim Metro” station, which is one of the most important metro stations in Istanbul. 

Working hours of the tramway lines in Istanbul: 

Tramway lines in Istanbul operate daily from 6 in the morning until 12 at midnight, The Transport Authority is working on doubling the number of daily trips at peak times; Where the time intervals between trips in peak hours are 2-3 minutes for the T1 line. and 5 minutes for the T4 line, in non-peak times, the time intervals between trips are 7-15 minutes for all tram lines in Istanbul. 

Prices of tram tickets in Istanbul: 

For adults and children over 8 years old: the ticket price is 1.75 TL. 

For children under 8 years old: the ticket is free. 

The ticket is a coin that is placed in a special device to enter the tram station, and it can be purchased from the booth located at each tram station in Istanbul. 

A prepaid electronic card can also be used, it is a card that is bought without credit for the first time and its price is (8 liras) from the booth located in bus stops or from small shops, and you charge it with the appropriate amount from the charging places or the “Akbil electronic machines” located at the tram stops, buses, metro, ferry terminals.

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There is another type of card called “Mavi Kart” or blue card, which is useful for people who roam a lot. It differs from the ordinary card as it has a subscription and cannot be exchanged because it contains personal information about its owner and his personal photo. 

It is a card that is valid for two years from the date of its issuance. 

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Blue Card for Public Transportation in Istanbul 

We also recommend downloading the TRAFI application through the Google Play Store, which is an application that will allow you to know the timings of the tramway in Istanbul, And how to reach your destination easily You can download this application from Google Store on your mobile device. 

Finally, the experience of riding the tram lines in Istanbul is an enjoyable experience, especially as it is an enjoyable and inexpensive means of transportation, which during it you forget to watch the taxi meters while riding. 

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