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If you want a fun, pleasant and satisfying shopping experience then Cevahir Mall Istanbul is the answer because it is one of the best malls in the whole of Turkey, it contains everything you will ever need, it was opened in 2005 AD to be one of the largest shopping places in Europe and the world. It was named among the Turks as (Mall of Arabia) due to the number of its annual Arab visitors.

Istanbul Cevahir Mall is one of the most attractive malls for visitors and tourists in Turkey in general, as it includes most of the global brands.

It is the most famous mall among Istanbul’s malls, as it is located on the European side of Istanbul in the Sisli region. 

Cevahir Mall Istanbul area is 440,000 square meters and it includes approximately (230) shops of the most important and prominent international and local specialized brands Selling clothes, shoes, accessories and all the family needs of the furniture and home decor, and the prices in the mall vary due to the variation of many brands and stores that can be affordable by different social class in turkey so the price depends on from where you will buy the product.

This is why the Cevahir Mall Istanbul is really famous because people know that they will find everything they want there and you can reach it easily by the metro from Sisli metro station or by a taxi

Most famous stores and brands in Cevahir Mall Istanbul:

Clothing stores: Lc Waikiki, Zara, H&M, Adidas, Puma, pull & bear and Bershka

Cosmetics store: Mac, Sephora, and Sila

Watches and jewelry stores: swatch, spirit, and Swarovski

Electronic stores: Samsung, Arcelik, and Bosch

jewelry and accessories stores: Delfino silver, Luna and so chic

Home accessories stores: Bella Maison and Ivon accessory

Kid’s clothes and accessories stores: baby d’s, Ilmek Bebek and Panco

Sports stores: reebok, Gs stores, and Finspor

 it is also crowded with restaurants, cafes, entertainment venues, etc., which are spread over six floors. 

If you feel hungry or if you want to drink something you can always find whatever you like inside the mall because there are over 40 different restaurants and cafes that can definitely, please you.

Most famous cafes and restaurants in Cevahir Mall Istanbul:

Restaurants: McDonald’s, pizza hut, KFC, Popeyes, Sbarro, and weekend

Cafes: Tatlica, Kahve Dunyasi, Starbucks, Terasim café and Degirmen cafe

Cevahir Mall Istanbul includes a huge car park that can accommodate about 2,500 cars. 

There is a huge clock on the roof of Cevahir Mall Istanbul and around it many windows from which the sun’s rays enters and get reflected on the complex, it has stunning geometric lights during the day, making it a masterpiece of engineering design which is one of the things the Cevahir Mall Istanbul is distinguished by. 

The Cevahir Mall Istanbul also contains many automated teller machines, elevators, bathrooms, a mosque, a first aid room, and a telephone room

Cinema halls: Cevahir Mall Istanbul contains thirteen theaters that can accommodate (25,000) person where you can watch entertainment musical, artistic and theatrical shows, in addition to three cinemas and three cinemas with 3D technology.



Amusement Park and games for children: 

It is called Atlantis, and it consists of two floors, where children spend a great time in the midst of modern electric games and many activities and events dedicated to them and a wonderful bowling alley. 


It is open every day of the week from 10:00 in the morning until 10:00 p.m. 

For more information about the offers in Cevahir Mall, you can visit the website here

Cevahir Mall Istanbul website:

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