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The word “YÖS” for YÖS exam Turkey is an abbreviation for “Yabancı Uyruklu Öğrenci Sınavı”, which means “foreign students’ exam”. It is a local test of Turkish universities only, and it’s not recognized internationally as “TOEFL” and “IELTZ” tests.

The YÖS exam Turkey is essential for admission to many Turkish universities, and this test differs from the traditional tests that you may have passed throughout your life!

It is a test that depends mostly on the student’s intellectual level and his method of solving mathematical problems. Learn with us through this article all information about the YÖS exam Turkey and its conditions in detail.

Sections of YOS exam Turkey:

The YÖS exam Turkey is divided into two sections or two different exams, the aim of both sections is to assess the students’ intellectual level.

The first YOS exam Turkey:

It is a test of basic learning skills and mathematics, and it does not require great knowledge of the Turkish language, but it does require some written explanations in Turkish, so it is sufficient to be familiar with the language at an average level to understand the questions and answer them with mathematical solutions.

There is no need to worry, as most universities translate the test into English and sometimes into Arabic.

This part of YOS exam Turkey test is consisted of 80 questions:

45 IQ questions

35 questions in mathematics

5 geometry questions have been added, which are mathematical problems that need to be solved based on the student’s intelligence level.

The distribution of questions in this test varies from one university to another, but they all revolve around assessing the student’s level of intelligence and his ability of mathematical analysis.

The YÖS first exam is 90 minutes long.

The second YÖS exam Turkey:

It is made to examine the student’s Turkish language proficiency and understanding, in order to know whether the student is ready to start the university program or not and to make sure that his level in Turkish or (English if the study subjects are taught in English) does not need to be improved.

It is not obligatory for universities to commit to the distributing of questions, as every university has the right to change the distribution according to its vision and its evaluation method.

We find that some universities; which are few, add questions in chemistry and physics to the test. That is why it is necessary to check the type of questions on the university’s website before studying for the exam, as they are previously announced by each university.

What are the books that I can study to prepare for the YÖS EXAM Turkey?

There are many books in both Turkish and English that you can study from. Also, there are many educational institutes that organise lectures based on the YÖS curriculum, and these courses last for 7-8 months if they are regular courses, or 4 months in the case of intensive courses.

Conditions to register for the YÖS exam Turkey:

The YÖS exam Turkey does not require being in any specific grade in public high school, nor does it require a high school degree to apply for it.

When applying to any Turkish university for the purpose of studying there, you should visit the university’s website and make sure if it requires the YÖS exam as a condition for registration. If you are interested for example to join Istanbul university, you can check this link and see all about applying for YOS exam Turkey.

And if the YÖS exam is listed in their conditions, the university will inform you of the location and the date of the exam after submitting your papers; usually, the location of the test is within the same university that you registered in, except for Istanbul University, which is the only university that allows students to pass the test in 65 countries.

Registration for the YÖS exam Turkey is open every year from February to June.

As for the date of the exam, it will be determined by the university, and the student must adhere to the specified date,

There is no need to worry, as there is enough time to study for the YÖS exam.

The papers required to take the YÖS EXAM Turkey:

• A copy of the high school diploma, certified and translated.

• A copy of the passport.

• A personal photo.

The papers are submitted at the university that you have chosen.

Is it possible to be accepted, after passing the YÖS EXAM, in another university other than the one in which I have passed the YÖS EXAM Turkey?

It is possible, but it’s not allowed in all universities, as some of them have a large number of students, such as the University of Istanbul, and the University of Ankara, who only accept their own YÖS exam and refuse the ones from other universities, As for the universities that allow it, they also give priority to students who have passed their own YÖS exam. Therefore, we recommend that you apply for the YÖS exam in more than one university and pass different exams, and then choose between the universities in which you obtained the highest grades in order to increase your chance of joining one of the Turkish universities.

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