Vialand amusement park Istanbul


Since all of us loves to go to amusement parks when we were kids Vialand amusement park Istanbul city is one of the most important cities in Istanbul, as it is considered the most preferred area Many tourists and residents visit in Turkey because it reminds them of their childhood and it allows them to spend a day full of fun and excitement for the whole family where you can do a lot of activities in just one amazing place, it is the largest private place for shopping and entertainment. 

Get to know with us through this article on your website (Turkey for expats) about Vialand amusement park Istanbul, what activities you can do if you visit it, and the most famous restaurants and shopping stores in it.

Vialand amusement park Istanbul

Vialand amusement park Istanbul was opened in 2013, and the amusement park area has reached nearly 200 thousand square meters, The area of ​​the shopping center and the adjacent area in which various exhibitions are held reached about 100,000 square meters. 

Vialand amusement park Istanbul is designed by the most important global experts with international safety standards in mind to be safe and charming at the same time, the international theme parks compete with Disneyland in terms of the quality of games and the atmosphere Which transports visitors to a world of fun and excitement. 



The best activities in Vialand amusement park Istanbul: 

You can spend the most beautiful and enjoyable times with the family in the city of games, where there are games suitable for young and old people together. 

There is a special place in Disneyland Istanbul for children from the primary and secondary levels for educational activities. 

You can also enjoy shopping in the commercial mall located in the place, which includes the most famous international brands in addition to many dining options and cinemas.

Most famous restaurants in Vialand amusement park Istanbul:

McDonald, KFC, Popeyes, Burger kings, Sbarro, and many more

Most famous shopping stores in Vialand amusement park Istanbul:

fashion store: Mango, LC Waikiki, Mango, US polo

Health and Cosmetics stores: Eve shop, Watsons and Missha

Decorations and home accessories stores: Bernardo, English home, and Madame Coco

Sports stories: Adidas, Sportive and Decathlon

Electronic stories: Samsung, Arcelik, and Bosch

 There is a place made especially for children where there are games of various shapes and their favorite characters in addition to the mini-city Which they can roam through the train and enjoy observing the attractive designs around them. 

As for adults with strong hearts, they have a great share of fun in Vialand amusement park Istanbul: 

Where there is the (breath taker) that you should definitely ride as it reaches the speed on 110 kilometers per hour in just 3 seconds also there are the most famous games in amusement parks such as electric cars, the death express train, and the adventure roller coaster that descends from a high altitude towards the water to increase the enthusiasm and fun for its passengers, as well as the famous King Kong game which is the favorite among thrill lovers. 

Vialand amusement park Istanbul Opening Hours: 

it opens daily From 10:00 AM – 09:00 PM. 

Vialand amusement park Istanbul ticket prices:

 For families that range from 3-6 people, the ticket price per person is 119 Turkish Liras. For adults from 14 to 60 years, the ticket price is 129 Turkish liras. For children from 3 to 14 years old, the ticket price is 119 Turkish liras. Children under 3 years can enter for free. Taking into account that prices change every year and according to seasons, and you can follow up on ticket prices by visiting the official Vialand websiteVialand Istanbul location on the map:

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