USING LETGO TURKEY made Second-hand buying and selling easy


Using letgo Turkey provides you with many services with over 100 million downloads and hundreds of millions of listings. “letgo” App is one of the best Apps in Turkey to sell or buy everything you can imagine, especially for buying and selling second-hand objects. ; in this article you’ll learn with us everything about using letgo Turkey and how to benefit from it. If you’re ready to let go of your items and make some extra cash, then we’re ready to show you how.

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Using letgo Turkey:

The application can be downloaded at Google Play or Play Store (

The listings in letgo are divided into these categories:

  • Home furniture in all its forms
  • Cars and bikes (motorcycles, bicycles)
  • Electronics
  • Clothes & Accessories
  • Sports tools
  • All that children need
  • Job offers
  • Books & movies

The letgo App features:


  • The letgo app offers verified user profiles with ratings and reviews, so you can easily see who you’re talking to and what other people have said about them.
  • When using letgo Turkey you get the block option to report and block any user who makes you feel uncomfortable.
  • Over 100 million people have downloaded letgo, so if anything about a user or deal feels off, simply find a new one. There are a lot.

Easy to use

  • The letgo App requests your location in order to show you the offers closest to your home.
  •  It also displays the location of the goods that you want to buy to facilitate the transportation process.
  • In letgo you can enter your budget and then make a search based on that price.
  • “letgo Reveal” allows you to point your smart phone’s camera at any almost item and immediately know how much your things are worth and how quickly they could sell based on similar listings.
  • The App is available in English, so the language barrier won’t be a problem when using letgo Turkey.
  • It provides you with accurate details about each product in the description box.
  • You can have a good look on the products through multiple images available.
  • You can save the products you liked for another time by liking them.


  • You can communicate with the seller or the buyer easily using letgo Turkey without giving out personal information like your number or email address.
  • In letgo you have the ability to negotiate on the price of any item, as the prices are not final.

Meeting up:

letgo is made for local secondhanding, and the App made it easy to find buyers and sellers nearby so you can leave shipping out of the equation.

  • You may skip the shipping and go check the product in person before purchasing it, and then take your decision. We would recommend meeting in a busy, public place like a cafe or bank lobby during the day; especially when high-value items like laptops and phones are involved.

COVID-19 Update from the letgo Team

Prohibiting sales of high-demand supplies: It’s more important than ever for everyone to have equal access to the things they need. To curb selling practices that may limit equal accessibility to high-demand items, letgo temporarily banned the sale of supplies like medical face masks, hand sanitizer, disinfecting wipes, and toilet paper. They’ve also prohibited listings that mention the coronavirus (COVID-19) and promise prevention or a cure.

Advice from the CDC: Authorities across the world recommend limiting social interaction to only what is necessary, so if you are planning to meet a buyer or seller in your area please familiarize yourself with your local government’s current restrictions, and if you plan to meet, please take the proper precautions to protect yourself and others.

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