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Turkish law stipulates for foreigners that upon updating address in Turkey, this update must be notified in the provincial directorate of migration management and the provincial directorate of civil registry and citizenship affairs within twenty business days. For this process, if the residence permit type does not change, a new residence permit document is issued but the fee is not paid again for the duration of the relevant fee.

updating address in turkey

The foreigners are obliged to make notification within twenty working days if their home addresses, marital status, names or surnames in their passports change. If the residence permit document is lost, stolen or worn; the residence permit document will be issued again. In this case, fee for the residence permit document has to be fully paid and fee for this permit has to be paid in half. And you must submit some of the necessary papers, and this is a compulsory procedure to ensure that no kind of administrative problems occur with the security department in Turkey. Such as cancelling the residency or paying a large fine that may reach 1000 Turkish liras.

documents required for updating address in Turkey:

First, a set of documents are required for updating address in Turkey, and must be submitted, including:

  • A housing contract (tapu) or an electricity, gas or water bill in which your new address is written.
  • A copy of the residency card, and no specific type of residence is required.

Procedures for updating address in Turkey for foreigners:

  • You take these papers to the the foreigner’s branch of the local Police station of your place of residence, and there you will find an office for registering the new data,
  • The employee in charge will give you a sheet of paper with all the new data written on it.
  • Take the new data sheet of paper the “Mukhtar” in your area, who can be easily found by asking any shop owner in the area in which you live.
  • The mukhtar will give you a printed and sealed paper with your new residence address, name and residency number written on it, and he will be paid 7 Turkish liras as a fee for his service.
  • Go to the foreigner’s branch of the local Police station again, but this time go to the information renewal office, with the following papers: A copy of your passport; A copy of your residence card (any type); A copy of your new data sheet that you got from the Mukhtar.

updating your address of residence will take place on the system immediately and before you leave the office of renewal of information.


  • All insurance companies should be informed of updating address in Turkey to ensure that the policy remains valid. Some types of insurance, for example home and car insurance, may need to be renegotiated depending on circumstances.


  • The Tax Office should be notified of a change of address after the move. Notification must be sent in writing to the local Revenue Administration Office.
  • To inform the tax office of a change of address online: click here (in Turkish).


  • If a child is to change schools, the school should be contacted as early as possible to let them know that the child is leaving so that they can prepare any necessary documents for the new school. Enrolment takes place at the new school. The following documents are generally required:
  • Proof of address
  • Written application stating the reason for transfer
  • Student reports from the previous school

Post and Mail Forwarding

  • There are no mail forwarding services available from the Post office (PTT) when moving house in Turkey.

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Important note:

The information renewal office specializes in many services for foreigners, such as:

  • Renewal of passports or changing any information in them.
  • Obtaining a replacement for residency, changing information or renewing it.
  • But each service has a special set of required documents that may differ from the other service.

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