turkish language visa: Useful information to know

تأشيرة تعلم اللغة التركية

A prominent type of visa now is the Turkish language visa. Learning the Turkish language is the only key to opening the doors of work and academic study in Turkey. Without it, you will not be able to deal with those around you from Turkish citizens.

Unfortunately, most Turks only speak the Turkish language, and for this, we advise you to think seriously about learning the basics of the Turkish language. In case you want to work in a simple job or resort to professional language teaching centers, or if you want to develop your language and get bigger jobs, it is important to learn Turkish. But if you intend to enroll in a Turkish public university; You need to study the Turkish language in one of the approved centers.

Where to learn Turkish

The most famous center for teaching the Turkish language in Turkey is the TOMER centers, which have branches in many universities and accredited Turkish centers that grant an accredited TOMER certificate. In addition, the TOMER centers are highly interested in teaching the Turkish language and culture to the world.

A very important thing that TOMER centers offer is that it gives the student the opportunity to obtain a Turkish language student visa or a Turkish language visa, which will later enable you to enroll in one of the Turkish public universities. Know more about Tomer here

Steps to register at the center to obtain a Turkish language visa

 All you have to do is apply through the website of the Al-Tomer Center affiliated with Al-Fateh University, for example, and register on it:


Then wait for a message on your e-mail that enables you to pay the tuition fees at the center,

  • You will receive a letter of acceptance at the center, print it out.
  • You will need to obtain an invitation letter from the center and its cost is about 1200 Turkish liras (600$).

The first level fee will be completely taken if you succeed in obtaining a visa and travel to Turkey. In the event that the visa is refused for some reason, the center will return $400 out of $600, in case the receipt of payment of the invitation fee is presented.

  • Attach the acceptance letter and receipt of the invitation fee from the Tomer Center.
  • Attach your passport and personal photos and apply for a visa to learn the Turkish language from the nearest Turkish embassy or consulate in your country.

This allows you to get a Turkish language visa valid for one month.

  • After coming to Turkey, you can go and register officially at the Tomer Center of the Turkish University, and you will get the student’s document.
  • Go to the security offices of your place of residence and apply for a residence permit, which is valid for one year only, and it is possible to request an extension of residence before the expiry of the period with sufficient time, about 15 days.

This residence permit does not give the student the right to work in Turkey during the period. But allows studying and learning Turkish. The student will be able to exit and enter Turkey without the need to renew the visa.

Duration of study at the center and its cost

The study is divided in the TOMER centers for several levels A1, A2, B1, B2, C1. Each level lasts from 5-6 weeks, and two oral and written exams are taken after each level. The study will take around 8 months, in which all levels will be taken.

The cost per level ranges from 600 to 1500 Turkish liras, according to the level of the university to which the center belongs.

After completing all levels and obtaining the approved documents that prove this, you will have the right to enroll in any Turkish state university.

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