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Proving the existence of Ottoman origins is among the cases in which Turkish law gave the right to obtain Turkish citizenship by descent Ottoman, and this was confirmed in the amendments that took place on September 19, 2018, and this method is one of the current fastest ways to obtain Turkish citizenship by descent Ottoman, as Turkish citizenship is issued within 6 months to a year from the date of applying for it after proving the existence of an Ottoman origin already.

Find out the necessary conditions for obtaining Turkish citizenship by descent Ottoman from proving Ottoman origins and the papers required for this through the following article on your site “Turkey for Expats”.

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Obtaining Turkish citizenship by descent Ottoman:

You must first prove the existence of an Ottoman origin or that you belong to any Turkish origin, whether grandfather, grandmother, father or mother, through any birth certificate paper or military certificate, and then you work to obtain a Turkish government document called (Ottoman Origins Document), this document must be translated and certified by a notary public and then by a local authority.

You can then apply for Turkish citizenship by descent Ottoman, which will be decided quickly between 6 months to a year, on a condition that would be that you have a residence permit for two years in Turkey with any type of residence.

Many Foreigners have already obtained Turkish citizenship by descent Ottoman proving that they have Ottoman origin.

turkish citizenship by descent ottoman

How can I obtain a document proving the Ottoman assets?

Byusing any old paper (birth certificate, military certificate, pedigree tree) that proves that you have an Ottoman origin, and it has a specific date, and can be searched and verified through the Ottoman archives located in Turkey.

What is the Ottoman archive and where is it located?

It is an important place where all kinds of historical documents and records are preserved, such as the Ottoman correspondences, and the firmas of the Ottoman state since its inception in 1299 AD until its fall in 1924 AD, which lasted for nearly 6 centuries. And it relied on a tight documentary system to preserve the information and documents that pertain to it, and these documents are available for search by all people, and any researcher can obtain the required document.

  • Yildiz Palace Archive is one of the largest and most famous archives in Turkey, which includes Ottoman documents and documents belonging to 39 countries around the world, including: 19 countries from the Middle East, and 11 Balkan countries, and 3 countries of the Caucasus, and two countries in Central Asia. In addition to the documents of Cyprus and Turkey itself. And this archive belongs to the Turkish Council of Ministers because of its importance and the importance of the documents in it.
  • There is also the Sulaymaniyah Archive in Istanbul, which was built by Sultan Suleiman, and contains 60,000 important Ottoman manuscripts.
  • Topkapi Sarayi archive, which contains 30,000 Ottoman manuscripts.
  • Nur Osmani Archive, which contains 30,000 Ottoman manuscripts as well.
  • Bayezid Archive, which contains 40,000 Ottoman manuscripts.

It is also available for everyone to search. You can search by screen or search by requesting the document by specifying the required year and from it you will get a dated book.

After searching, if you find the required document, you will get a copy of it after paying the required bill.

There are also assistants within the archive to help search the archive.

  • The Prime Ministry has also provided a website to search the Ottoman archives with a word or image search feature with the ability to download the original in PDF format to facilitate access to information, even if partially and without obstacles, for residents outside Turkey.

However, it is required to search, whether in the archive itself or through the website, knowledge of the old Turkish or Ottoman languages, through this link, you can access the site of the Ottoman Archives to search

By obtaining and verifying the required documents, you can apply for the Ottoman assets document to be attached to the papers when applying for Turkish citizenship.

After obtaining a document proving the Ottoman assets:

  • Availability of the Ottoman document that we mentioned previously, on the condition that it would be certified by a notary public and a mayor.
  • To have a residence permit in Turkey valid for two years with any type of residence and to have the residence permit certified by a notary.
  • That your decision is to have permanent residence in Turkey.
  • A health certificate proving that you’re free of serious diseases.
  • Good conduct and behavior, and not posing a threat to Turkish national security or being imprisoned in Turkey on a judicial or criminal background.

How to apply for Turkish citizenship?

For residents inside Turkey:

After fulfilling the required conditions, you will apply to the foreigners department, which will evaluate the application and your file, which contains the required papers.

You can review the documents required to obtain citizenship through the following article

Then the file is submitted to the council of ministers, which decides on the final matter.

For residents outside Turkey:

Applying for Turkish citizenship is done from the Turkish embassy or the Turkish consulate located in your country of residence.

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