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Turkey online shopping became quite important despite the availability of products within the local markets, buying from the Internet and shopping through the use of the Internet has many advantages such as cheaper prices and vary between products!

When shopping online in Turkey, you need a method of payment, which is mainly credit cards (usually a Visa card or MasterCard). Unfortunately, most Turkish shopping websites only accept Turkish bank cards. The following are all the websites and the solutions that can be used and followed for more beneficial buying methods from Turkish online shopping websites.

most popular Turkey online shopping websites arranged randomly:


  • The first and the best shopping website is (Trendyol), it’s mainly about fashion but you can also find all other products. The good thing is that it is categorized according to the brand which facilitates your shopping experience. Most of the times they offer great discounts and deals compared to other websites


  • Website ( n11 ), is characterized by providing a very large number of products from various brands , and its prices are very reasonable. It also provides a mobile application version.


  • Website ( gittigidiyor ), this website is the equivalent of the famous website ebay, where there is a variety of merchants, offers, and prices.


  • Website ( VATAN ), Watan Company is one of the largest and most trusted companies. Its prices are moderate, but it sometimes offers expensive prices in comparison to other websites.


  • Website (hepsiburada ) has everything you may need starting from the toothbrush to home appliances; unlike other websites, its prices are average and offer great discounts.


  • Website (Modanisa ), specialized in hijabi clothes and is considered to be one of the first websites to offer the online shopping experience and home delivery for hijabi clothes

How to purchase online in Turkey (inside Turkey):

  1. Choosing the website is one of the most important steps in the online purchase process, as a good website often guarantees you a good product in the same condition you see on the website.
  2. Make sure of the credibility of the website before purchasing from it. Refer back to the list shown above as there are many good and reputable websites.
  3. The user must have a payment card to pay for the purchases instantly. Ennil Card is one of the most famous types and the best one in Turkey. You can easily own Ennil Card by buying it from any mall or PPT office ( Turkish Post Office) in addition to other places.

Important things to consider when shopping online:

  1. check the warranty of the product before purchasing it.
  2. Know how the shipping will be done, and double-check it is free or not.
  3. Read carefully the instructions and details of the product before pressing purchase button.
  4. Ensure that all data is recorded correctly (especially the address) to ensure that the product reaches you.

bonus Notes:

Google translate on chrome

There are some websites that exist only in the Turkish language if you are not fluent in Turkish or English then it is best to use Google Translate to translate the website or use the translator provided in the Google Chrome browser into your preferred language.


There are stores that provide shipping within Turkish territory only, to bypass this obstacle you can resort to services such as (Yollando) or any other shipping companies that provide you with the same service, which is obtaining a Turkish address to ship your purchases. Then the company collects all your purchases in one box and then ships it to your original address.

Make sure you now follow our tips to get an exceptional Turkey online shopping experience easily.

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