The Most Important Trabzon Tourist Attractions


The Black Sea region includes many wonderful Turkish cities including Trabzon and the amazing Trabzon tourist attractions that enjoy stunning beauty and charming nature. Trabzon is a distinctive destination for many tourists, especially from the warm countries; due to its mild climate in summer.

You can spend a wonderful vacation in Trabzon and the surrounding areas on the Black Sea, and we will show you in this article the most important Trabzon tourist attractions and the surrounding areas on the Black Sea and how to reach them at the lowest possible cost.

The first step: How to travel from Istanbul to Trabzon

You can travel from Istanbul to Trabzon by taking flights from Sabiha Airport or the new Istanbul Airport. The flight from Sabiha Airport is more cost effective.

We find that the minimum ticket price is 100 Turkish liras in the winter season. In the summer, which is an important tourist season in the city, airline tickets prices rise to 250 Turkish liras.

You can check the official Trabzon airport website here.

From Trabzon, whether you are a family or a group of young people, you can head to many of the surrounding areas and cities on the Black Sea, such as:

Ayder Reserve in Rize Province, Nabi Khidr Heights, Redos Resort, Riza Falls, Sumela Monastery.

They are all areas located in the Black Sea region and close to the city of Trabzon.

The most beautiful trabzon tourist attractions and ways to reach them

Uzungöl Lake

One of the most famous Trabzon tourist attractions and has been classified as one of the 20 most beautiful nature reserves in the world. Uzungol Lake is about 80 km from the center of Trabzon.

It takes about an hour by car from Trabzon to reach it. Entry to Uzungol Lake is free, but barbecue and camping are prohibited in the area.

Around the lake there are restaurants and wooden chalets used for overnight stays. The price per night is 200 Turkish liras in the winter season.

In the summer, the prices reach $250, depending on the quality of the place, the proximity of the place to the lake, and the number of rooms in the chalet. There are also wooden hotels and hotel apartments at varying prices. In the lake there is a place designated for children’s games.

Ayder Reserve in Rize Province

Another amazing place from Trabzon tourist attractions, it is a reserve about an hour and a half away from the city of Trabzon by car. It is a wonderful reserve worth visiting, and there are many recreational tourist activities such as:

Ride the rafting, and ride the wire over the river, which is one of the activities that find great tourist demand from adventure and entertainment enthusiasts. In winter, we find ice skating, as ice covers the area.

The Black Sea Festival is also held in January of each year, and it consists of 3 days of fun, entertainment, recreational activities and skiing, which tourists spend in an atmosphere of fun and entertainment.

Riza Falls

Riza Waterfalls are about an hour and a half drive from Trabzon city center. It is a piece of paradise, according to the words of many who visited the area.

They are huge waterfalls surrounded by mountains that are covered by greenery most of the year. Entry to Rize Falls is free.

Riza Green Mountains

Hedr Nabi Heights

The heights of Nabi Khidr are about 45 minutes drive from Trabzon.

At the top of these heights there are restaurants and chalets where you feel as if you are above the clouds due to the high altitude of the place, embracing the clouds, this makes it one of the most wonderful Trabzon tourist attractions.

Ridos Sulfur Water Spa

It is a large natural swimming pool of natural, healthy, renewable mountain water. The Ridos Resort receives a large number of tourists every year. There is a place for men and a place for women and children.

Entry ticket to the venue is 10 Turkish lira per person. An amazing place with a cheap price makes it a very prominent attraction on the Trabzon tourist attractions list

Ordu city

Ordu is about two hours away from Trabzon by car.

It is a city with a panoramic view, where it is covered with greenery and adorned with the cable car, which is a means of transportation in the city, in addition to buses and delmoush. The price of the cable car ride is 10 lira per person.

In Ordu, there is also the inverted house, which is a world-famous house for photography enthusiasts.

Sumela Monastery

It is an ancient monastery carved in the mountains, and it is a monastery with a majestic view.

The monastery is about an hour drive from Trabzon city center. It is one of the most known Trabzon tourist attractions.

Now that you everything about Trabzon tourist attractions, you can know more details about cost of living in Trabzon here.

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