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Obtaining a marriage Turkish citizenship by marrying Turks is common now for foreigners coming to Turkey. People come from a lot of places to Turkey because it is one of the most beautiful places on earth and it contains everything that you will ever need and it is one of the most ideal places to just settle in and even make a family. Most foreigners coming to Turkey for studying or work look for starting a life in Turkey and reside here.

According to statistical data and a lot of studies it was proven that the rate of marriage between Turkish citizens and foreign citizens increase each year in Turkey more than a lot of other countries, it is allowed in Turkey that a Turkish citizen can marry another citizen from a foreign country unlike a lot of countries and the citizenship can be applied after the marriage but it takes some time in order to check the application you applied for the marriage Turkish citizenship.

Marriage to a Turkish citizen is considered one of the many ways to obtain Turkish citizenship, and the amendments that took place in September 2018 to the Turkish citizenship law have confirmed this, but marriage to Turks does not necessarily give the right to obtain Turkish citizenship directly except under certain conditions stipulated by the law and must be verified to obtain Turkish citizenship, find out with us on the “Turkey for Expats” website how to obtain marriage Turkish citizenship.

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Conditions for obtaining marriage Turkish citizenship by marrying Turks:

There must be at least a period of three years that have passed on your marriage from a Turkish citizen so that the submitted marriage Turkish citizenship application can be considered. Several conditions are checked first which was stipulated in the first clause of Article 16 of the Turkish Citizenship Law and they are as follows:

1- The person applying for marriage Turkish citizenship should be an adult and the marriage of this foreign citizen is only based on making a family and not for personal interest or benefit.

2- Performing any act or any kind of behavior that indicates that the marriage is not based on sound foundations and intact substrates, such as a lot of continuous fights or family disputes, which are things that Turkish intelligence can verify by asking the neighbors surrounding the family.

3- The person seeking to obtain the marriage Turkish citizenship does not pose a threat to the Turkish national security in any way.

What happens if the Turkish spouse passes away before obtaining Turkish citizenship?

The application to obtain marriage Turkish citizenship will not be canceled in case of death of the spouse, the second clause of Article 16 of the Turkish Citizenship Law states:

“Not looking at the first condition of the conditions for granting Turkish citizenship, which is the condition of forming a captive entity. Just checking the fulfilling of the other conditions and granting citizenship accordingly.”


What happens if the two parties divorce after obtaining the marriage Turkish citizenship?

The person who obtained Turkish citizenship by marrying a Turkish citizen remains of his nationality unless this person is proven to have a lack of good faith. In that manner, meaning that the marriage took place only to obtain the marriage Turkish citizenship, and this matter of ill intention is confirmed by the work of the Turkish intelligence, which will look and search into the matter carefully.

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