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Therapeutic mineral water Turkey is put under the umbrella of medical tourism which is a type of tourism that depends on the natural elements that exist in a particular place and used as treatment such as hot springs, mineral, and sulfur water. Patients resort to this type of treatment after it has proven effective in the long term, and this type of treatment depends on both psychological and physical therapy.

There are many countries that are interested in this type of tourism because of the availability of their sources like water and therapeutic springs. Some of the countries that are famous for their medical tourism are Tunisia, Jordan, India, Indonesia, and also Turkey. Medical tourism in Turkey is not limited to natural elements only, it also depends on the use of clinics specialized in many medical fields.

The most important of which is the field of psychiatry and the field of cosmetology, which has gained fame in recent times, as Turkey has shown great progress in such fields and provided treatment with efficiency and high quality at prices incomparable to European countries. In this article, we are going to talk about medical tourism through natural elements in Turkey, especially therapeutic mineral water in Turkey.

The most important Turkish cities where there is therapeutic mineral water Turkey:

There are many Turkish cities that have natural elements that are suitable for treating patients from many diseases such as dermatological, rheumatic, and orthopedic diseases. These places have become famous and tourists come to them especially from everywhere, and these places are as follows:

Medical tourism in “Yalova”:

“Yalova” is located midway between Istanbul, Bursa, and Sapanca. It is characterized by its picturesque landscapes that give the patients psychological calm. In addition, it has therapeutic sulfur baths, which are known worldwide as “Termal”, which makes it a great source of the therapeutic mineral water Turkey. This place has attracted the attention of investors to invest in it and establish luxurious health and tourism resorts. It is spread in many villages of Yalova city.

Medical tourism in “Dalian”, “Mugla” province:

A wonderful city located in the Turkish province of “Mugla”, and there are daily trips to Lake “Koysegiz”, where therapeutic mud baths are available. It is one of the most popular activities that tourists take in the city of “Dalian”, especially European tourists, to enjoy the therapeutic mud under the golden rays of the sun and to bathe from the Sultan’s hot eyes in the area.

Medical tourism in the city of “Kayseri”:

In the city of Kayseri, there is an area called “Kzhalky”, and it is an area where mineral water and medicinal silt are available. It is used to treat incurable disease cases that doctors were unable to cure. Turkish investors from the same region have taken advantage of this place and established many hotels of various categories, and now, about 400 thousand visitors visit this place annually for the purpose of hospitalization, treatment, and enjoying the therapeutic mineral water Turkey. The city also has many medical centers for skin treatment and energy therapy.

Medical tourism in the city of “Polo”:

The Turkish city of “Polo” is rich in hot springs at the foot of the mountains, which made it a destination for patients seeking treatment with natural elements and aspirants for psychological calm. It makes it a very special place that has therapeutic mineral water Turkey.

Medical tourism in the city of “Eskişehir”:

“Eskişehir” is an ancient city built in BC by the Greeks on the shores of the Porsuk River, it is about 233 km from Ankara. The city is famous for its hot springs that cure many diseases. Mainly also specialized in therapeutic mineral water Turkey.

Reasons for resorting to medical tourism in Turkey:

Many people resort to treatment through medical tourism in Turkey to reduce treatment costs. In general, medical tourism is almost limited to the rich class only. It is tourism that requires a lot of money and transportation costs to do it costs more as the person needs to go more than once for the treatment to be really effective. But in the long term, and by continuing to use it, middle-income patients started to resort to it as well, and this is in extreme cases in which treatment with drugs and surgeries is not feasible.

The low cost of travel to Turkey, especially to the Europeans, and Turkey’s geographic location is close to most countries, make it a great destination to go to for this reason and surely the fact that it is super rich with natural therapeutic mineral water Turkey. In this way, it is very convenient compared to many distant countries such as Indonesia and India.

Advantages of medical tourism in Turkey:

  • Medical tourism in Turkey has created job opportunities for Turkish citizens and workers coming from different countries. The Turkish government has made interest in the maintenance of medical tourism areas and paid attention to them, as they represent an important source of income in the country.
  • The recovery of the tourism market and the economy, due to the opening of new opportunities for investment in the field of medical tourism, which is mainly done by establishing hotels and resorts around sulfur-water springs, lakes, and mineral therapeutic water Turkey.
  • The cultural exchange between Turkey and different countries due to the increase of diversity of people coming to it from different countries.

Disadvantages of medical tourism in Turkey:

  • As is the case with medical tourism everywhere in the world, follow-up is not available in the event that complications arise for the patient after returning to his country from a medical tourism trip.
  • The treatment procedures are sometimes very delicate, so a small mistake is enough to threaten the patient’s life, and for this, a good place with a good reputation should be chosen for this type of treatment.
  • The emergence of some new infectious diseases that are transmitted by tourists from their countries to Turkey.

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