Family visa Turkey is granted for foreigners who have a work permit in Turkey, as well as refugees to Turkey. Even the Turks who wish to grant members of their non-Turkish families have the right to grant “family residence permit Turkey” for a wife and children under 18 years of age. The family visa Turkey does not exceed the period of basic residence obtained by the person granting residency, whether the father or the mother. Here are the required documents and the necessary steps to get a family visa Turkey.


  • An electronic appointment ( is known as E- appointment) for the time of the personal interview at the Turkish Immigration Department, with all the required documents and the letter sent to you via your e-mail “printed”.
  • Photocopy of the passport of the person who grants residency, whether a father or a mother.
  • 4 personal photos.
  • Medical insurance that covers the period of stay.
  • A house lease contract or a document in case of homeownership with the name of the husband and wife (names must be written as proof), and the residence address must be confirmed by the Turkish themselves of your region.
  • A document (certificate)  of marriage attested by the consulate.
  • A copy of the “work permit” of the person who grants the family residency.
  • The family residence fee must be paid, which ranges from 65 to 580 Turkish liras, and it varies from one country to another.

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There are other conditions that must be met, other than having a work residence permit with the grantor of a family residency permit for members of his family, which is that his salary should not be less than the minimum wage which is recommended by Turkish law, that the person granting residency must not be a threat to the national security of the country or commit moral crimes.

The family residency period has been extended to 3 years and is renewed.

if the donor dies the family stay will be converted into a tourist stay.

But it must be taken in consideration that  the expiration of the “work permit” of the person granting the residency, means that the period of family residence expires too.

And in case of the death of the granting person, the family residence is converted to a tourist residence.


The advantages of family residency are similar to tourist residency in free entry and exit for Turkey without Visa.

The possibility of staying outside Turkey for an unlimited period.

It has the advantage of having children enrolled in Turkish schools and official universities free of charge (for free).

Children receive benefits of social security and medical insurance for the owner of the work residence.


  • You must have a monthly income that is in no way less than the total minimum wage, equal to at least one-third of the minimum wage for each family member
  • Living in conditions of adequate accommodation for the general health and safety standards
  • having medical insurance that is covering whole family members;
  • Provide evidence that no crime against the family was convicted during the five years prior to the request with a criminal record certificate;
  • To be resident in Turkey for at least one year with a residence permit
  • Have been registered with the address-based registration system

Applying for a family residence permit to stay with a sponsor in Turkey:

  • Confirm that they live or intend to live with the Turks or someone with a residency permit.
  • He may not marry to obtain a residence permit for the family
  • that both spouses are over the age of 18
  • Does not fall within the scope of Article

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