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The city of Mersin is one of the provinces of the Republic of Turkey. Mersin attractions are very unique as the province is located on the Mediterranean coast between the cities of “Antalya” and “Adana.” . The province of Mersin is divided into 30 provinces, the most important of which are “Akdeniz”, “Anamur”, “Ardemli”, “Kilnar”, “Mut”, and “Tartous”.

The city of “Mersin” is the capital of Mersin governorate and its most important city. The city’s population is about 1,727,250, and it is the tenth city in terms of population congestion in Turkey.

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Mersin attractions: history

The history of the city dates back to 6300 BC, as it has been inhabited since that date.

Civilizations followed it in centuries later to this date, such as the civilization of the Hittites, the Assyrians, the Persians, the Greeks, the era of Alexander the Great, the Seljuks and the Ptolemies.

The city was called in the era of the Greek civilization “Zepheron”, and the name of the city was changed from Zephyron to Mersin in the Roman era.

Its privileged location as a natural port on the Mediterranean Sea made it a trading station for southern Anatolia.

Mersin attractions: Economy

Mersin’s economy depends largely on the port, as it is an international center for many ships heading to Europe. In addition to its proximity to the Middle East, North Africa, Eastern and Western Europe, and Asia.

This encouraged many foreign investors to take advantage of the place and establish a “free zone” next to the port that includes shops, exhibitions, warehouses, engineering workshops, banks, and insurance companies.

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Mersin attractions: Transportation

Mersin has many highways linking it to other Turkish cities in the north, east and west.

The city is also connected by a railway that connects it with the surrounding Turkish cities.

Adana Airport is the nearest Turkish airport to the city of Mersin, about 69 km away.

mersin attractions: Culture and Sports

The culture in Mersin is a mixture of the many civilizations that inhabited it before, the city has an opera and ballet house.

It is the fourth cultural city in Turkey after Istanbul, Izmir and Ankara.

The city hosted the Mediterranean Games in 2013, in which 24 countries participated in 27 different sports.

mersin attractions: Tourism

The tourist resources in Mersin vary, and the coast of Mersin on the Mediterranean is the most Mersin attractions for tourists in the city.

1- The coast of Mersin:

Its waters are characterized by purity and the presence of a sandy beach extending for a distance of 108 km, and it is considered a favorite place for swimming and fishing,

2- Tarsus archaeological area:

This area is located on the eastern side of the city and is one of the most famous landmarks of the area. It is one of the most amazing Mersin attractions.

3- Tarsus Museum:

Which presents the history of the ancient civilizations that inhabited Mersin and the tomb of the Prophet Daniel and the civilization of the owners of the cave.

4 – Maamoura Castle (Mamur):

This castle was the city’s first line of defense from the sea side and dates back to the Roman era.

It is an example of the splendor of building forts from antiquity, and for this reason the castle was chosen within the UNESCO World Heritage Encyclopedia. This makes it one of the most important Mersin attractions.

5 – Ilisu Waterfall:

It is one of the most beautiful tourist areas in Mersin, where it is distinguished by its natural beauty and mineral water, which is used for the purposes of treatment and recovery from many diseases.

The “Ilisu” waterfall rises from the mountains and pours into a pool of water surrounded by trees, making the area a charming natural place, which is admired by tourists from all countries of the world.

6- The historic city of Kainellis:

Its history dates back to the Roman civilization and is characterized by the presence of an archaeological amphitheater, luxurious palaces, public baths, houses carved in the rocks, mountains and large monasteries within the mountains.

7. Yalan Kishlik Castle:

“Yalan Kishlik” Castle is located in a special place in the middle of the sea, 20 km from the coast of Mersin. Its construction dates back to the Roman era, as it was built to protect the city from enemies.

8. Gosco River

The river is one of the charming and distinctive Mersin attractions, where it originates from the Taurus mountain range in the Mediterranean Sea, and is characterized by its great length, and there are boat trips across the river to learn about the city’s landmarks and enjoy its wonderful atmosphere.

9. Mersin Museum

It is a major museum in the city and was built by the Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism in 1978 AD. There are many other museums in the city, the most important of which are the Art Museum, Mersin Maritime Museum, and Tarsus Museum.

Mersin attractions: Churches

Mersin Orthodox Church:

The church was built in 1870 AD during the era of the Ottoman Empire.

It is sometimes called the Arab Church because it opened its doors in the past to Christians from Lebanon and Syria, and most of its parishioners are from the Antiochene Romans.

Church of St. “Antoine El Badawany”:

That is another church of Mersin attractions, which is the Church of St. Anton El Badawani.

It is a Roman Catholic cathedral built in 1855 AD in the Ottoman era. The church is still working and serving the Catholic Christian community in the city.

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