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Adana Sabancı Merkez Camii

Adana Governorate is located on the northeastern coast of the Mediterranean. Adana attractions are known to be beautiful and many. It has a moderate Mediterranean climate, which is hot and dry in summer and mild and rainy in winter, but does not reach snowfall.

Adana is considered the fifth Turkish city in terms of population, with a population of about 2,125,981, the city has many economic, agricultural, and industrial activities. Education is one of Adana attractions, that attracts large numbers of students to the city because it has two universities that are very important in Turkey.

Tourism does not constitute one of Adana attractions despite the presence of many ancient buildings In the city, get acquainted with us about the most important features of the Turkish province of Adana through the following article on your website “Turkey for Expats”.

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Agriculture in Adana

Adana province is one of the important agricultural cities in Turkey. agriculture is actually considered one of Adana attractions. After the construction of the Segan Dam, the agricultural techniques in the city were clearly improved.

After that, the city witnessed a tremendous agricultural development and was distinguished in the cultivation of many agricultural crops such as: Cotton, wheat, soybeans, barley and citrus fruits.

The “Cukurova” region is considered the most important area for growing crops. It is characterized by its fertility because it consists of wide plains located between the “Segan” River and the “Taurus” Mountains, which helped produce half of the Turkish agricultural production of corn, soybeans, groundnuts and oranges.

Taurus Mountains

Industry in Adana

Industry is one of the most important Adana attractions, where this sector is characterized by the presence of many industries such as:

The textile industry, which constitutes a large proportion of the industrial production in the city.

Manufacture of preserved foods, margarine and hydrogenated oils.

Polyester industry.

An industrial zone has been established on an area of ​​1,225 acres in Adana Governorate.

The city also hosts many important exhibitions and conferences related to employment in Turkey, which are held in the “Cukurova” area, to be a meeting point between factory owners and expatriate workers from Turks and foreigners.

Trade in Adana

The city is considered one of the leading trade centers in the Republic of Turkey. Where many Turkish companies and public institutions prefer to be based in the city.

There is a Chamber of Commerce in Adana Province, which is the first in Turkey and has about 25 thousand members, in addition to the owners of shares of large companies in Turkey.

There is also a large commodity exchange responsible for regulating trade in agricultural products and livestock in a safe manner.

Adana attractions and Tourism

The city of Adana does not have many famous monuments and tourist attractions like many important Turkish cities such as Istanbul, Bursa and Trabzon.

However, we find in the city of Adana some ancient monuments that reflect the impact of many civilizations that lived in the region, such as the Roman, Byzantine, Mamluk, Seljuk and Ottoman civilizations.

It consists of ancient buildings, palaces and ancient bridges, including the oldest bridge in the world. It also has a large number of mosques and Turkish baths from the Ottoman era which are some of Adana attractions that attract many people, some of these monuments are:

Tash Bridge

It is the only monument left in the city from the Roman-Byzantine period, and it is also called the Rome Bridge, the oldest bridge in the world, which makes it on of the very prominent Adana attractions. It is the last remains of the fourth century AD. The bridge is currently used for pedestrian and bicycle crossing.

There are also many other bridges built in the modern era in Adana, which are:

Demiryolu Bridge, which is the foundation of a railway project between Berlin and Baghdad. It was built in 1912 AD and is used as a bridge for trains today.

The Regulator bridge, which is used to regulate the waters of the river.

Other bridges such as: Jsrsajan and Mustafa Kemal Pasha , and Bridge Metro , and Otoyol .

Historic Teh Yag neighborhood

It is considered the first reconstruction work in the area, and the neighborhood contains many ancient buildings and stone-built schools.

It reflects the Armenian architecture in the neighborhood. The history of the construction of the neighborhood dates back to the Neolithic era, and it was recently surrounded by walls to protect it, and it was converted into an archaeological park. This makes it one of the very distinct Adana attractions.

Buildings and palaces from the Ottoman era

They serve as some of Adana attractions as well and were recently converted into boutiques, hotels, cafes and restaurants.

big clock

It is an antique clock that was established in 1882, with a height of 32 m, and it is the tallest clock tower in Turkey.

Büyük Saat Clock Tower in Adana

It was damaged by the French occupation, but it was re-established in 1935 AD. Around the clock there is a large market called “Kazancilar Market”.

Ramazanoglu Piri Pasha Palace

It is an ancient palace that was built during the rule of Khalil Bey in 1495 AD. It was built of stones and bricks and is considered the oldest model of houses in Turkey.

Ottoman baths, very important adana attractions

Ermak Bath: It  was built in 1494 AD by Ramadan “Oglu Khalil Bey”, and it is a building similar to the baths of ancient Rome.

Çarşı Bath : It was built in 1529 AD by “Ramadanoglu” and is the largest bath in Adana.

Mosques and churches of Adana

“Spangy” Mosque : It is the largest mosque in the city and the largest mosque in the Middle East.

“Ulu Jame” Mosque : The mosque was built in the era of Ramadanoglu, and was used in the past as a university or religious school. The mosque includes the tomb of “Ramadanoglu”.

“Yag Jameh” Mosque : which was in the past the Church of “St. James”, and Ramadan Oglu converted it into a mosque in 1501 AD and it also housed an old religious school.

The city has many ancient churches, 4 churches: two of them are Armenian, one is Greek, and the other is Latin.

The most important  of which is the Armenian “Beckley” Church , which was established in 1870 AD, and the rest of the churches were turned into museums and buildings belonging to banks.

Adana attractions: Parks and gardens

Adana includes several parks and gardens, most of which are converted into nature reserves and are open throughout the year due to the city’s mild climate.

Markaz Park: It is a park on an area of ​​33 acres located on the banks of the “Segan” River, and it has a large number of different trees and plants. It includes a Chinese garden with a huge number of seats, about 2,100 seats to sit and enjoy the garden.

Ataturk Park:

A park in the city on an area of ​​4.7 acres, which was established in the era of the Turkish Republic. It contains two statues of the leader Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the founder of the Turkish Republic and the first president of the Republic.

Süleyman Demirel Park:

It is a large botanical garden established for scientific purposes for the University of “Cukurova”. The garden contains rare types of plants, about 512 different species, and it is open to the public. It is similar to a garden called “Inonu Botanical Park”.

We also find “Cherban Dede” park , which is the name of a village notable in Adana governorate, and the park includes the grave of this person.

Another Adana attractions is the “Ajma Pasha Kemal” park , which is a large square designated for the public’s walking in the city.

Education in Adana

Adana is an ideal place to receive education and continue studying in Turkey.

It contains the most important universities in Turkey, which are:

Tekurova University: This university is in the fifteenth rank at the level of Turkish universities, It has many departments that teach subjects in English. The EOS certificate is a condition of admission to this university, and this university accepts large numbers of students every year.

Adana University of Science and Technology:  All majors are taught in Turkish. It accepts large numbers every year.

As for schools in the city of Adana, joining them as a foreigner is one of the things that are available and requires only the translation of certificates or the equivalency.

It is also easy to extract any type of residence permit in the city, as there is no great pressure on the governmental offices, as is the case in major cities in Turkey.

Accommodation in Adana

The city of Adana has low-cost housing in terms of apartment rents, which range between 500-2000 Turkish liras.

These are suitable prices for university students and foreign workers, even if they are few compared to the number of students.

Transportation in Adana

There are many train lines that link between Adana and Mersin, as well as other cities and suburbs, such as:

The Anatolian train that arrives from Adana to Haydarpasa in Istanbul.

“Churukova” train, which connects “Adana” and “Ankara”.

The Euphrates Express train to Elazig.

The “Erciyes” express train heading to the province of “Kayseri”

There are also many highways linking Adana with many cities such as Ankara, Mersin, Gaziantep, Izmir and Khathai. Buses are available continuously to transport passengers at the bus station, which is 5 km from the center of Adana.

There is a metro line in the city with a length of 14 km and it consists of 13 metro stations linking the cities and suburbs of the governorate.

The governorate has Adana Airport, which provides internal flights to many Turkish cities, as well as external flights to Cyprus, Nicosia and many German cities, in addition to the presence of a military air base in the city, “Incirlik Air Base”.

The city also has two main ports, the “Taurus Factories Ghobra” port, and the “Botaş” port, both of which are used for the transportation of oil and international goods.

You can know all the details about the cost of living in Adana through this article.

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