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After 6 years of construction work in the biggest mosque in turkey, Çamlıca Mosque was inaugurated by raising the first call to prayer at dawn on Thursday, March 7, 2019. The opening coincided with the “Night of Desires,” which the Turkish people are keen to revive on the first Friday night of the month of Rajab every year, the mosque was considered by the Turkish government as a symbol for the country’s economic greatness, it receives millions of visitors every year from different nationalities to see this amazing unique mosque.

 the biggest mosque in turkey, Çamlıca Mosque is located in the Uskudar district of the Asian side of Istanbul, and the mosque can be seen clearly from anywhere in Istanbul, as it is located above the highest hills of the charming city “Camlica Hill” from which the name of the mosque came from, and it is a huge mosque that can accommodate a large number About 60 thousand worshipers.

What does the biggest mosque in turkey, Çamlıca Mosque consists of? 

The biggest mosque in turkey, Çamlıca Mosque Configuration from the outside: 

From the outside, the mosque consists of 6 minarets in the old Islamic and Ottoman style, 4 of which are 107.1 meters long and two are 90 meters long, in addition to a dome about 72 meters high and 34 meters in diameter, which is the largest domes in Turkey so far. 

A 3 km long tunnel was built to facilitate the worshipers’ access to the mosque as part of the mosque’s final finishes and avoid a lot of traffic congestion. 

The mosque also includes several electronic elevators to go up to the women’s section. 



the biggest mosque in turkey, Çamlıca Mosque Configuration from the inside

The mosque contains wonderful designs and drawings on the walls of the mosque and especially on the dome with a lot of colors such as blue, baby blue, yellow, green, and many other matching colors that are so appealing to the eye with soft carpets that matches the colors and drawings on the wall 

The mosque was built on an area of ​​15 thousand square meters in the distinctive Islamic and Ottoman style, and it consists of 10 closed prayer buildings that can accommodate about 60 thousand worshipers and 5 open spaces for prayer in the courtyard of the mosque, 

The biggest mosque in turkey, Çamlıca Mosque includes: 

  • A huge library of 3000 square meters that contains a large number of Islamic books 
  • Lecture rooms (conference rooms)  
  • Museum of Turkish Islamic Antiquities on an area of ​​11,000 square meters. 
  • Art gallery on an area of ​​3500 square meters 
  • Parking garage on an area of ​​3500 square meters     

A large area has been allocated around the mosque so that citizens can stroll in it, and enjoy the fresh air, and watching the most beautiful types of flowers, and see a distinctive panoramic view of Istanbul from the top of Camlica hill above the charming city hills. 

Who are the architects who designed the biggest mosque in turkey, Çamlıca Mosque project? And how much did it cost? 

The mosque project began by the architect “Haci Mehmet Guner” and the design for the mosque was developed by the two winning engineers in the competition for the best design of the mosque, which Turkey conducted several years ago to select the mosque’s designers, and they are the engineer “Bahar Mizrak” and the engineer “hairiye Gul Totu”, these two female engineers changed a lot of people’s opinion about women discrimination. 

The cost of the mosque was about 100 million Turkish liras or about 43 million euros, and all of it is from the self-donations of Turkish citizens.

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