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The city of Yalova is one of the most important tourist cities in Turkey, as it is visited by many tourists and residents of Turkey due to its picturesque nature and its moderate weather throughout the year, and to escape from the crowded cities and the hustle of life. It is a quiet city characterized by its picturesque scenery and its charming resorts that were built on the world-famous therapeutic sulfur springs, and it is not free of forests, magnificent plateaus, elegant palaces, and historical Ottoman and Byzantine monuments.

Yalova top attractions

Location and climate of Yalova, Turkey:

It is a Turkish city located at the crossroads of three important Turkish cities, Istanbul, Bursa, and Sapanca.

Where it is linked to the city of Istanbul by landlines with public transportation and sea lines by ferries,

The population of “Yalova” is about 78 thousand people, according to the 2015 census.

The city’s climate is characterized by being moderate in summer and winter, as it combines the climates of the Black Sea and the Mediterranean Sea. Due to its special location on the two seas.

That is why tourism thrives in Yalova during the weekends and summer holidays, as the city is teeming with tourists and residents of Turkey.

The city’s population is diverse in terms of ethnicity and origin, As it combines Crimean, Bulgarian, Roman, Greek, Circassian, and Laz origins,

It is an ancient origin whose owners adhere to their customs and cultures, which made the city a distinguished place for coexistence between different conservative cultures, that are commensurate with the nature of foreign tourists.

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Yalova top attractions that must be visited:

Yalova top attractions: Termal area

This area is located 12 km from the city of “Yalova” and contains many therapeutic tourist villages and quiet hotels, And the most famous of these villages in the region is “Termal Village”, which is located southwest of Yalova.

It contains global hot springs, which are visited by tourists from different countries of the world to recover from skin diseases, orthopedic diseases, and functional and psychological disorders.

Many luxury hotels and therapeutic resorts have been built around these springs, such as the “Retaj Termal” hotel and the “Limak Termal” hotel.

The village of “Gokcedere”, which is one of the most important “Termal” villages, and tourists come to it, especially from foreign countries. To enjoy the beauty of its nature and its healing waters,

The village is characterized by the presence of all tourist facilities and services such as fresh food stores and restaurants, Automated teller machines, gift and souvenir shops, In addition to two large mosques and many motels and apartments for rent, the people of the city are famous for their kindness.

Yalova top attractions: Sodoshan Waterfall

A waterfall close to the Termal area contains charming scenery that attracts many tourists who love peace and relaxation.

Yalova top attractions: Çınarcık Resort

It is an important resort in “Yalova” located in the Marmara region and contains ancient historical places that go back to the Byzantine and Ottoman eras.

Since ancient times, the place has been a magnet for residents due to the beauty and nature of the area.

Yalova top attractions: “Hassan BABA” area

It is the area and habitat of wild deer in the city.

The Turkish government has taken care of this area to preserve the beauty and nature of the place.

Yalova top attractions: The beautiful beaches of Yalova:

Because Yalova has a unique location on the Marmara Sea and the Black Sea, we find many wonderful beaches such as Wasinkoy and Armutlu beaches and the distinguished Cinarcik coast.

The city contains many other tourist activities such as hiking trips, cycling, and camping.

Yalova top attractions: Yalova hills

There are many hills in the city, such as the “DELMECE” hills, where there are large diverse trees and vast forests that extend over an area of ​​400 acres, and the Erikili hill, which is one of the most beautiful hills of Yalova and the best for amateurs and lovers of photography and camping.

The most important historical landmarks of Yalova:

The city of Yalova has many archaeological and historical places that go back to BC from the Roman, Byzantine, and Ottoman eras.

As well as many newly built palaces since 1929, Where this charming city attracted the leader “Mustafa Kemal Ataturk”, the founder of Turkey, Who inhabited the city and built many palaces in it, which was turned into institutes and museums, and became open to the public later on,

The most important of which are Ataturk’s Palace, and the Mobile Palace, which is located on the sea in Mellet, It was named by this name due to the story of the famous tree that Ataturk did not want to uproot and ordered to move the palace 5 meters away to avoid removing it, and the “Termal” palace, which is located in the unique Termal area.

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