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The city of Istanbul includes a group of the best wholesale market in Istanbul, in addition to its popular markets and the luxurious commercial centers, and Al Fatih area is famous for many famous wholesale markets, which are frequented by Arabs and Turks, who are shops owners and merchants, and in this topic, we will learn more about the most important wholesale markets in Istanbul.

First best wholesale market in Istanbul: Osman Bey Street markets

Osman Bey Street is one of the best wholesale market in Istanbul, which includes many shops that sells wholesale clothes, as it includes many different shops in which there are various goods.

Among the features in Osman Bey market:

  • At Osman Bey Market, there are many wholesale shops selling high-end ready-to-wear clothes.
  • Othman Bey Street includes many large companies, which are specialized in the field of textiles.
  • It includes more than fifty different companies, which have a wide reputation and supply their woven industries all over the world.
  • On Othman Bey Street, veiled clothes of all kinds are available for Hijabis, which differ in brands.
  • Othman Bey Street also includes many wholesale shops selling cosmetics.

The second BEST WHOLESALE MARKET IN ISTANBUL is The wholesale stores in Laleli

Laleli district is located in the old part of Istanbul, with many wholesale shops along the tram line, and in the inner streets, you will find distinctive stores with varying prices, and there are also shops for shoes and bags leathers that are at a competitive price to the rest of the prices in many areas in Istanbul.

  • The Laleli market includes many different shops, which numbered in the thousands. And it is characterized by the fact that it includes wholesale sells, as well as retail.
  • There are many products and clothes with local and international brands at Laleli Market.
  • There are many shops in the market corridors at Laleli Market, which sell bags, and also shoes that are made of the finest types of leather with high quality and reasonable prices.
  • In the market, there are many wholesale clothes shops for children, women and men.
  • There are also many shops in Laleli market that sell renewed wedding dresses every year.


Merter shops are located in Merter district in Istanbul and includes shops that sell products with wholesale price. It is a distinguished area because of its proximity to the industrial area of ​​the city. And this market is characterized by the fact that the prices in it are appropriate and less expensive than the Osman Bey markets, which makes many merchants go to it.

  • Merter Market includes many commercial shops, which have the latest Turkish fashion.
  • The Merter Market includes many shipping companies, which make it easy for merchants to transport their things quickly and easily.
  • It also includes customs clearance companies, which facilitate a lot of work for traders and importers.


In the famous Al Fatih district in Istanbul, many shops are considered among the famous wholesale markets in Istanbul. And the most important features of Al Fatih markets are:

  • In Al-Fatih Wholesale Market, there are many commercial shops that include women’s clothing.
  • In Al Fatih Wholesale Market, there is also a large group of shops selling wedding and evening wears at very reasonable prices.

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