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Get to know with us about the ancient history of Trabzon, Trabzon top attractions, and what this wonderful city is famous for

Trabzon is a coastal Turkish city in the northeast of the Republic of Turkey, specifically on the historical Silk Road, which was considered in the past the main road for the passage of trade convoys that was loaded with fabrics, silk, wool, and linen. The population of the city of Trabzon is 214,949 people, and most of its inhabitants are Turks and Greeks.

It was previously A state that belonged to the Greeks, that is why it is called by this ancient Greek name, which means “the table”, until the Romans occupied it in 65 BC, after which the Ottoman Sultan “Bayezid II” was able to control it and he made his son Selim responsible for it, who was later named Sultan “Selim the First”, In the past, it was a meeting point of different religions, languages ​​, and cultures, and it was an important trade gateway for the Persians in the southeast of the country and the Caucasus.

Trabzon top attractions

The importance of trade in Trabzon:

In the Middle Ages, merchants from Venice came to Trabzon to trade in silk, linen, and wool fabrics

Trabzon included, since ancient times, the wealthy merchant class during the Ottoman ruling, and in the early nineteenth century, it became the main port for exports in Turkey.

Recently, due to its regional commercial importance, many European consulates were established there.

However, with the opening of the Suez Canal, its commercial position diminished, and the commercial convoys passing through it decreased.

With the increased immigration of Muslims to Trabzon from the Caucasus, many schools were established to represent the highest rate of reading and writing among all the cities of the Ottoman Empire at the time.



The construction of mosques, churches, printing houses, post offices, photography studios, and banks continued in the second half of the nineteenth century.

The region went through many wars between the Turks with the Greeks, so exports of tobacco and hazelnuts, which are among the most famous agricultural products of Trabzon, decreased, and the standard of living decreased vividly.

However, the city was able to improve its commercial and economic life after the general progress of the Turkish state and the development of its political stages.

Trabzon became famous throughout Turkey for the production and export of anchovies, which are served as a main meal in most restaurants in Trabzon, along with hazelnuts and tobacco, which are the city’s main exports.

The city has a large community of Muslims that can speak the greek of neighboring Lithuania.

However, the majority of the current population is of Turkish origin, and the minority of the population is of Greek and Armenian origin.

Education in Trabzon:

Black Sea Technical University in Trabzon accepts students from all over Turkey in addition to accepting students from Turkish-speaking countries in Central Asia.

In addition to the ancient Turkish “Anatolian Lisesi” school, to which an old institute building was dedicated, with an impressive archaeological Greek statue that occupies an important place in the city until our time.

Trabzon top attractions:

There are many ancient buildings in Trabzon, such as:

  • Trabzon top attractions: The “Hagia Sophia” Church, which is an amazing Byzantine church and one of the most attractive places for tourism in the city,
  • Trabzon top attractions: Trabzon Castle monuments, which is now located in a military area,
  • Trabzon top attractions: Villa “Ataturk”, Which was an old palace that was built in 1890 and contains rooms with old pictures and artwork. It is currently considered a memorial to the memory of the first president, founder of the Turkish Republic, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk,
  • Trabzon top attractions: Boztepe Park, It is a small park and tea garden on the hills of Trabzon, where you can see the most beautiful panoramic view of Trabzon from there.
  • Trabzon top attractions : Uzun Sokak Street

It means the long street, and it is one of the busiest streets in the city, as it contains many shops, restaurants, and cafes.

  • Trabzon top attractions : Trabzon Museum

It is located in the city center and displays works about the ancient history of the region, especially the Byzantine monuments.

  • Trabzon top attractions:Trabzon Bazaar District”:

You can enjoy shopping in the old narrow streets starting from Konduracilar Street from the town square.

  • Trabzon top attractions: kostaki Palace

It is located north of Zeytinlik near “Uzun Sokak” Street.

Trabzon top attractions: most famous and ancient mosques:

  • Al-Fateh Mosque: It was originally the “Panagia” church.
  • “Yeni Cuma Camii” mosque, which was originally the “Hagios Eugenios” church.
  • Nakip Mosque was originally the church of Agios Andreas.
  • “Gosnokoktak” Mosque: It was originally the church of Agios Eleftherios.
  • The IskandarPasa Mosque, Semerciler Mosque, Kars Mosque, Gulbahar Khatun Mosque, and Terbi Mosque, which was built with the commission of Sultan Selim the first.

Characteristics of Trabzon residents:

The residents of the Turkish city of Trabzon are distinguished by the feelings of loyalty to their families, friends, religion, and homeland, as evidenced by Ataturk’s choice of them to be his bodyguards, as well as from the neighboring city of Giresun, because of their fierce fighting ability and loyalty to their homeland.

Trabzon residents are also distinguished by their conservatism, hospitality, adhering to the rural traditions of the Black Sea, and wanting to help others.

And the lifestyle in Trabzon is the agricultural life that formed strong family ties and love of nature in the Trabzon people.

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