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If you want to rent a house in Turkey, it will help you to see this article, where we will talk about renting home in Turkey, what papers are required for that, the most important information that must be written in the contract, and how to change the bill’s name with the name of the new tenant.

Some basic laws about renting home in Turkey:

As a foreigner, you have the right to rent a house with a signed lease in a manner that clarifies the terms of payment.

A copy of the contract must be kept, as the contract is a guarantee in all respects for the lessee and the lessor.

The rent may not be increased or decreased until the renting period expires.

The landlord does not have the right to evict the tenant from the house unless he needs the house for himself and his children.

The landlord can void the lease if you do not pay the rent at least twice in one year.

renting home in Turkey:

If you intend to stay in Turkey for a long time with the intention of tourism or otherwise, then the option of renting a house will be the best!

You cannot compare it to hotels in terms of cost and your sense of stability.

In this case, you have two options:

1. Renting a Tourist House:

This option is available to you as long as you would like to stay for one to three months,

You are not required to obtain a residence permit to stay in the country during this period.

And you can contact any tourist office directly to rent the house from it for an amount that you both agree upon.

  2. Renting a personal home:

This option will be the best if you wish to stay or residence for an extended period in Turkey,

Of course, you will look for renting home in turkey, and this requires some paperwork.



Required Papers for renting home in Turkey :

  A valid Turkish residence.

 A lease contract submitted from the real estate office.

The most important information that must be written in the contract of renting home in Turkey:

1- The address is visible and written in it the name of the neighborhood, the street name, the building number, and the apartment or shop number

2- The name of the owner of the house as written in his personal identification.

3- The national number of the property owner which is known as the TC number.

4- The tenant’s passport number and name as in the passport.

5- The period of the contract and the date of receiving the property.

6- The signature of the two parties with their names written next to the signature.

7- The rent cost must be written clearly and specifically.

8- Determine a specific value for the annual rent increase.

9- Determine the lease period, often for a year.

10- Indicate the amount of insurance that will be paid to the landlord.

renting home in Turkey will cost you the following:

Home insurance: It is an amount of money that is taken as a guarantee and is returned upon leaving the house if the house is intact.

It ranges between one- or two months’ rent in general, or according to your agreement.

The commission for the real estate office: It is usually the cost of rent of one month, Or as agreed with the real estate office.

House rent: the monthly rent for the house, and you can also pay annually to get a discount.

Changing the bills to the name of the tenant:

One of the very important points is to register the bills with the name of the tenant, to avoid any possible fraud,

Especially in the last months of the lease, the previous tenant may not pay the bills for two or three months and then leave the house.

These accumulations are on you, you must pay attention to this point.

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