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The city of Bolu is the capital of the Turkish province of Bolu, and it is an important city located between Ankara and Istanbul in the northwest of the Republic of Turkey on the Black Sea coast. 

Bolu is 1325 meters above sea level, and is famous for having all the elements of tourist attractions in the summer, in which green forests are spread on the mountains and plateaus, and is also famous for its wonderful lakes, which are one of the most important lakes in Turkey, and its hot springs on which medical tourism is based on In the region, and in winter, we find the city a special place for lovers of snowboarding. 

How far is Bolu from the most important cities in Turkey? 

Bolu is about 162 km away from Istanbul. 

It is about 192 kilometers from Ankara. 

It is also about 215 km away from Yalova. 

The climate in the Turkish city of Bolu:

 The city of Bolu is located 1325 meters above sea level, which made it a temperate climate most of the year, and it is considered a special place in winter for skiing and snowboarding. 

bolu attractions in the Turkish city of Bolu: 

The city of Bolu is characterized by natural beauty, as it is located on the coast of the Black Sea, and includes the most beautiful beaches in the world, as well as lakes, hot springs, and green forests characterized by plant diversity, where there are about 3500 different types of plants. 

Among the most important tourist attractions in the Turkish city of Bolu: 

Bolu attractions: Bolu Abant Lake 

Or it is called (Abant Lake), which is one of the most famous tourist attractions in the city. Abant Lake is a freshwater lake located only 34 km southwest of the city of Bolu. It is a lake with a large area estimated at 128 meters, and its depth reaches 18 meters in some areas of the lake. 

Abant Lake is 5 hours away from Bursa, 2 hours from Ankara, and 280 kilometers from Istanbul. 

The lake was formed in the past as a result of a strong landslide. There are green mountains spread around the lake which surrounds it from all sides. Abant Lake is considered a destination for lovers of quietness, nature, and beauty among tourists. The lake is also famous for the presence of water springs and waterfalls, which are among the most wonderful places worth visiting in the lake area. The road to the lake is one of the most beautiful roads to walk; Where the cranberry trees spread while In winter when snow falls, it is no less beautiful than it is in the rest of the seasons. 

The lake is also famous in the fall when the leaves of the trees fall on the lake, which makes it more charming. There are many hotels and restaurants in the Lake District to serve the tourists in the area. One of the most famous hotels in Lake Abant is the “Buyuk Abant” hotel. 

You can find the location of Buyuk Abant Hotel on a Google map The hotel can be booked through this website It is also possible to practice a lot of tourist activities in the area, such as cycling and horse-drawn vehicle, There are also places for camping around the lake, places for fishing and picnics. 

Bolu attractions: Seven Lakes Park in Bolu, Turkey 

Yedigöller Seven Lakes Park is one of the most beautiful tourist places in Turkey. This is due to the diversity of green nature in the Seven Lakes region and the spread of bright trees in different colors. And as the name of the park shows, it includes 7 lakes called “Yedigöller” lakes, The lakes are located at different heights, the water level is different between each lake, and the flow of water from one lake to another has led to the formation of many wonderful waterfalls in the area. 

Bolu attractions: Hot springs in the Turkish city of Bolu 

The city of Bolu is famous for its hot springs, which tourists from different countries of the world come to recover and treat many incurable diseases such as skin diseases and orthopedic diseases. These hot springs are located in the south of the city of Bolu, 5 kilometers away from them, at the foot of a mountain in the city of Bolu. 

Bolu attractions: Koroglu Mountain

 Koroglu Mountain is located 40 km from the city of Bolu. It is a mountain famous for skiing during the winter in the city, and tourists come to it in winter from different countries of the world, During the months from December to March of each year 

The mountain is about 6 hours’ drive from Ankara. 

Bolu attractions: Archaeological and historical areas 

The city of Bolu is not void of many archaeological and historical areas; We find in the southwest of the city, Specifically in the city of “Mudurnu” and the city of “Goynuk” are the tombs of many princes of the Ottoman dynasty, the most famous of which is the tomb of the Ottoman prince “Aq Shams al-Din”. You can learn about 

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