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The province of Balikesir or “Balk Asir” is a Turkish province located south of the Marmara region, northwest of Anatolia. Balikesir tourist attractions are one of the best attractions. Balikesir is divided into two parts, part of which is located in an area called Aj, while the coast of the province is located at the confluence of the Marmara region and the Aegean Sea.

The area of ​​the province is 14,299 square kilometers with a population of 238,151 people, the province of Balikesir borders the provinces of Bursa and Kütahya to the east, Manisa and Izmir provinces to the south, Çanakkale province to the west. Balikesir province also borders the Greek island of Medili.

Balikesir tourist attractions is included the city of “Bandirma”, and the towns of “Ayvalik”, “Akkay”, “Ardik”, “Marmara”, “Tenobok”, “Purhania”, “Erdmit”, “Bostanik”, “Gomic”, “Gur”, It also includes famous villages such as “Gunem”, “Ortaklar”.

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History of Balkesir Province and Balikesir tourist attractions

Remains of the Paleolithic, Modern and Chalcolithic eras were found in the Balkesir Caves, and these remains showed that life was found on these lands in the area between the years 3000-8000 BC.

The governorate was known throughout ancient history as “Messia” or “Karasi”,

And successive eras such as the Roman era, Byzantine era, Seljuk era and the era of Ottoman rule.

Climate of Kayseri:

The province of Balkesir is characterized by its moderate climate, which encouraged the prosperity of tourism on its lands.

The climate is cold and rainy in winter and hot and dry in summer.

Economic activities in Balıkesir:

Balkesir province is considered one of the 13 largest economic provinces in the ranking of Turkish provinces.

The main source of livelihood in the province is agriculture and animal husbandry.

The governorate is also famous for many agricultural products, such as:

Cultivation of vegetables, melons, vines, olives and olives. It is also famous for pressing olive oil.

As for the industry in Balkisir, it is of great importance, as it is based on the agricultural activity in the governorate, where many industries such as:

Manufacture of sugar, flour, fodder, castings, agricultural implements, agricultural machinery,

Fertilizer industry and timber industry, for which the Drosson region is famous,

There is also the manufacture of canned food, soap, herbal tea and olive oil, for which the Bandarma region is famous.

The carpet industry is also spread in the area of ​​“Sanderji” and Bejadic.

And the number of factories that employ many workers has increased, as the number of factories reached about 104 factories and employs more than 14 thousand workers.

And Bandarma port is considered the center of foreign trade for the province.

Tourism in Balikesir:

The islands and coastal areas in Marmara and Aga are major tourist centers, and there are many beaches, hotels and resorts that made the city a first-class tourist area in Turkey.

Tourism in Balikesir is summer tourism, as it depends on the beaches spread in Balikesir.

Many tourist activities are based on it, such as sailing boats,

And fishing, especially in the center of “Cangeloğlu” and in the center of “Kazu Shahin” and “Daras.” There are also fishing clubs in the province.

Top Balikesir tourist attractions are the resorts in Balikesir, such as:

“Gunan”, “Edremit”, “Manias”, “Susurluk” and “Bijadic”,

The governorate is also not without many archaeological areas, mosques and historical churches.

And museums, where the number of museums is 10 within the borders of the governorate, including:

Two museums linked to the Balkesir Museum Directorate,

And a museum of photographs called the National Museum of Photographs,

There are also 178 archaeological areas in the governorate, such as:

“Adram”, “Antandros”, “Kizi Kos” are important archaeological sites in Balıkesir Province.

Culture in Balkesir Province:

Most of the population of the province embrace the Islamic religion, so there are a large number of mosques in the province, about more than 1500 mosques,

The most important of them is the “Al Wagyos” Pasha Mosque.

The city also includes many cultures and beliefs that lived in it and still coexist together until now,

That is why there are historical churches in the governorate, the most important of which is Al-Ayazah Church.

The Balkisir region represents the values ​​and culture of the Aegean Sea, and this is evident in the many festivals and celebrations that are held in the province throughout the year.

International Festival of Culture and Tourism:

Many activities are held in the festival, such as:

Theatrical performances, panel discussions, art exhibitions, competitions,

Borhani Olive and Olive Oil Festival:

The festival includes many paintings, performances and cultural activities.

Tourism attractions in Balikesir Governorate:

Archaeological Museum “Bandirma”:

It is one of the must-see tourist attractions in “Balikesir”, where the museum includes many ancient monuments,

It presents the history of the civilizations that passed through the region. The museum is located in the ancient city of “Kizikos”.

Kovai Millai Museum:

It is known as the National Museum of Photographs, and it also displays antiques.

The areas of Balikesir enjoy its scenic beauty, which attracted thousands of tourists to see the clear blue bays. Among the most beautiful of these tourist places are:

Ayvalik City:

It is one of the most beautiful areas and tourist spots in Turkey, and it is an ideal place to spend an enjoyable vacation in the middle of the picturesque nature, and the city is famous for its historic stone houses, as well as the island of “Gonda” and “Devil’s Table” and “Sarimsakli” beach.

Edremit region:

The area is famous for its beautiful beaches, lush green forests and canyons.

There are also many summer resorts that provide a beautiful quiet vacation for tourists, and the area has gained great importance due to the diverse flora and fauna in Edremit Bay Park,

In addition to the “Kusniti” National Park, which is famous for the presence of migratory birds in the spring and autumn,

Transportation in Balikesir:

There are many airports in Balıkesir that provide many flights to all cities of Turkey and many European countries through Turkish airlines and various airlines,

Balkesir Airport and its code (BZI),

Edremit Airport and its code (EDO),

Bandirma Airport and its code (BDM).

There are public transport buses available in the governorate that provide lines to all parts of Balikesir.

These are the distances from Balikesir to many Turkish cities:

the city nameDistance in km
Istanbul390 km
Market151 km
Antalya510 km
Adana894 km
Manisa137 km
bang castle207 km
Trabzon1232 km
Kütahya221 km

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