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panorama Fatih Istanbul Museum ” fall of Constantinople”: 

Who from us does not know the Sultan Mohammed Al-Fateh!! 

who is the great Muslim leader who fought the famous battle, the (the fall of Constantinople) battle with his father’s ottoman army and became the pride for all Muslims and their symbol. 

It has been established for this great opening and this historical incident a museum in Istanbul, called the Panorama Museum 1453 (Panorama 1453), The panorama Fatih Istanbul museum is located in an area of ​​three thousand square meters, with the cost of $ 15 million. 

It was built by the Turkish government in 2009, and the number of visitors to the (Panorama 1453) the fall of Constantinople, is more than 5.5 million visitors, during the last 6 years. 

The visitor enjoys watching that historic and exciting battle, where the experience of many engineers and artists have been melted by introducing modern and sophisticated technology and adding a lot of exciting factors: 

Such as the three-dimensional images, sound, and mobility effects, to fully live the moment of the great opening with all your senses and feelings. 

The museum goes back to 560 years, to the exact day when the Ottoman army which consisted of 80,000 thousand fighters led by Sultan Mohammad Al-Fateh, entered in an interesting and innovative manner. 

Away from the battle being narrated as a long story, you will get to enjoy the experience where the atmosphere of the battle and events will make you feel as if you were there with them due to all the details and the technology included!

The Division of panorama fatih istanbul museum: 

The museum consists of three floors, where above them is the larger and most important floor which is the upper dome floor, it is a circular dome, embossed on it the battle for opening the city, accompanied by exciting audio effects for guns, The war, horses and soldiers. 

In the front of each part of the drawing, you will find real weapons and real archaeological tools put there, which have been already used in the battle! 

From the most prominent real weapons, there is the giant cannon that was used by Muslims to open the city, as well as some of the remaining parts of the destroyed towers. 



There in the basement of the museum, you will find a collection of modern means of explanation, such as screens of television and cinemas, explaining the history of the battle in enough detail. The explanation is written in Turkish but accompanied by a voice translation available in several languages.

On the second floor, there is an exhibition of images, paintings, and maps embodying the battle and explaining it with all its details,

anyone who has not visited the museum is advised to visit it, it is exquisite with its unique historical engineering design, and perhaps you will not get bored of visiting it more than once. 

In addition to having a small stereotype of large panoramic display, containing all its details: 

Visits and ticket prices: The museum is available to visit all days of the week from 8:00 to 5:00 pm. 

How to reach the panorama Fatih Istanbul museum?

You can rent a car and go directly there or you can take the tram until you reach the Topkapi tram station, you will find the museum opposite to the station so you can walk this small distance

Or you can the metro and get off at the Topkapi station and you walk for about 5 minutes until you reach the museum.

Entry ticket Prices of panorama Fatih Istanbul Museum: 

 35 lira for adults, and 20 lira for children. 

You can visit the panorama Fatih Istanbul museum’s official website through here

the Location of the museum on the map:

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