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Everyone wants to shop in shopping malls Istanbul! The Turkish city of Istanbul is famous for being a popular place for shopping and shopping by foreign tourists who flock to it in large numbers every year.

It was even ranked this year as one of the most important tourist destinations in the world, and there are many luxury shopping malls Istanbul that make the shopping experience in Istanbul an endless pleasure!

Get to know with us the most important and the best five shopping malls Istanbul that exist in the European part of the city.

The 5 most important shopping malls Istanbul

Jawaher Mall “Cevahir Avm”

It is one of the largest shopping malls Istanbul, and the sixth largest in Europe. Cevahir Center is located in the European side of Istanbul in the “Sisli” area. It was called the “Mall of Arabia” due to the great demand for it by Arab tourists.

“Cevahir Mall” consists of 6 floors containing 380 stores, including international stores, and other local stores selling locally made Turkish products.

Cevahir Mall contains 34 luxury restaurants and cafés, and the place is also famous for its unique wonderful décor that is not found in any other shopping center in the world, which is the presence of a huge clock in the middle of the ceiling of the center, which makes it a convenient place to take souvenir photos.

The mall also has a theater for artistic performances surrounded by a wonderful pool, as well as regular cinemas, and 3-D cinemas, in addition to the presence of a children’s play city called “Atlantis”, and a large bowling alley.

The Cevahir mall is located in a special place in the Sisli district in the city center, surrounded by many luxury hotels such as, Radisson Blu Sisli Hotel and Blistapol Hotel.

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Forum Istanbul Mall

It is one of the modern shopping malls Istanbul, it was built in 2009, and it is located in the Bayrampasa district. It includes the world’s largest famous stores, numbering about 300 shops.

The center includes shops selling famous international and Turkish brands. There are also many places of entertainment such as an aquarium for fish called “Turquoise”.

Metro City Avm

The “Metro City” complex is one of the most important shopping malls Istanbul, and it is located in the European section of the city in the “Levent” area. It is a famous tourist area located in the center of Istanbul and is famous for the presence of many malls, commercial towers and luxury hotels.

The complex includes 4 floors and there are 3 entrances in the center, one of which is for cars, the second entrance is on the main street, and the third is inside the metro tunnel to facilitate visitors’ access to the center.

The “Metro City” mall contains many shops that sell goods, international brands of clothes, and perfumes. The last floor is devoted to restaurants and cafes that serve fast food and famous Turkish food.

In addition to the presence of many electric elevators, electric bikes, and spacious courtyards, which make visitors feel comfortable in moving around the mall. The Metro City Center includes a ski center, a sports center and cinemas.

Near the center there are many five-star hotels such as, Wyndham Grand Istanbul Levent and The Istanbul Luxury Class Hotel.

Venice Mall Istanbul “Venezia Mega Outlet”

It can also be called “Venice Port” Istanbul, and it is a shopping center located in the Gaziosmanpasa district in the European section of Istanbul. It offers a unique entertainment experience that simulates the famous Italian architecture.

It embodies the story of the Italian city of Venice, with its streets and canals. That is why the mall was called “The Mall of Venice”, and the center is a wonderful masterpiece.

The center contains more than 180 shops spread all over the place in a wonderful romantic atmosphere. In addition to an attractive bridge suitable for stopping and taking pictures of this charming place. The Venice Shopping Center is located near bus stops and subway stations.

The center includes entertainment places for children that contain wonderful games. There are many restaurants in the place that serve delicious Turkish and international meals. As well as, cafes serving special Turkish tea, coffee, and Turkish sweets.

The center is located near the “Mövenpick Golden Horn” hotel, about 8 kilometers from it, and the “Vialand Palace Amusement Park” hotel.

Zorlu Avm

It is a luxury commercial shopping center located on a vast area. It contains the most luxurious international shops that contain a huge variety of local and international goods.

You will find in the center many restaurants that attract visitors with their wonderful cuisine and many cafes that serve famous Turkish drinks. The place is generally characterized by a wonderful atmosphere and the beauty of a unique design.

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