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Living in Basaksehir is considered one of the goals that many people who want to move to Turkey hope for. The Basaksehir area is located in the European part of Istanbul, and it is called “The Pearl of Istanbul”! It is one of the most vibrant areas in Istanbul, with a high-quality infrastructure, and it is considered to be new construction.

Basaksehir is full of modern urban areas and huge projects. It is also considered a conservative area, where the Islamic way of dressing is spread. Basaksehir is located between the new and the old airport, which makes it the perfect place for many investments. Let’s get to see together what makes living in Basaksehir a goal, on your website “Turkey for Expats”.

some features that make living in basaksehir a dream

  • Basaksehir is the most developed area in Istanbul in terms of its modern infrastructure.
  • It is a quiet area away from the noise and is distinguished by its high-end residential complexes, with average prices.
  • Located between the old Attor airport and the new airport, it is close to both.
  • It has the largest hospital of its kind, which includes all medical specialties with the latest technology.
  • There are government facilities and vital institutions, which facilitate government procedures.
  • It is a conservative area, in which the historical heritage and Islamic civilization are clearly visible.
  • It includes one of the largest natural valleys, with wide biodiversity, in the Sazilidar region.
  • It is also characterized by a high level of cleanliness, order, and attention to the spread of green areas and flowers.

Some advantages of living in basaksehir

Transportation for living in basaksehir

The region is characterized by a network of transportation that connects it to the rest of Istanbul, such as public and private buses. It also has the underground (metro) line, and the Marmaray train linking the European and Asian sides together.

The state is working to build a new tram line in Basaksehir, at a cost of 450 million Turkish liras. Transportation is of high quality, convenient, and used by most classes of people.



The social environment for living in Basaksehir

Basaksehir represents a rich social environment, containing many shopping complexes, theaters, cinemas, conference and celebration halls, and the huge sports stadium in it is considered an Olympiad area and the largest sports stadium in Turkey. It also includes many facilities for people with special needs.

The region is characterized by a young population structure, where the age group under the age of twenty constitutes 40% of the total population. It also includes a large number of the Expats community residing in Turkey. Turkish citizens and foreign residents and visitors coexist in it, to the extent that when you walk in its streets you can see many people from different nationalities all living together peacefully.

The high level of education for living in basaksehir

In terms of education, there are many schools in Basaksehir area of ​​all kinds, which is frequented by the residents of the region from different educational classes and stages. It has a variety of schools including government, private and international schools. They are schools equipped with the latest technology.

There are also distinguished public and private universities, where studies vary between Turkish, English, and Arabic. Among the most famous of these universities are:

  • Bahcesehir University
  • Ibn Khaldoun University

It also contains student housing complexes for schools, as well as universities.

the shopping centers for living in basaksehir

The area contains a large number of various fixed and weekly shopping centers, including:

  • Mall of Istanbul
  • Almba Mall
  • Desposit Outlet

The weekly market, which takes place twice a week, on Sundays and Thursdays. There is also another center, on Fridays and Mondays, which includes foods, vegetables, and fruits at affordable prices. It also displays clothes, furnishings, and household appliances, which makes it a comprehensive marketplace.

Prices of rent and housing for living in basaksehir

Monthly rent/purchaseleast expensiveaverage costmost expensive 
Apartment (one bedroom) in the city center 1,250.00 lira 1,822.97 lira 2,500.00 lira
Apartment (1 bedroom) outside the center 750.00 lira 1,090.59 lira 1,500.00 lira
Apartment (3 bedrooms) in the city center 2,500.00 lira 3,373.78 lira 5,000.00 lira
Apartment (3 bedrooms) outside the center 1,300.00 lira 1,933.11 lira 2,700.00 lira
Price per square meter for an apartment in the city center 5,500.00 lira 8,238.01 lira 11,000.00 lira
Price per square meter for buying an apartment outside the center 3,000.00 lira 4,094.19 lira 6,000.00 lira

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