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Get to know with us about the most famous Ottoman mosques in Istanbul.

The Ottomans were famous for building and construction and they were excellent in it, and the Ottoman architecture was influenced by other previous civilizations such as the Seljuk and Byzantine, but it was able to add luster and creativity to its architecture, and this appeared in many Ottoman buildings such as palaces, mosques and the bridges built by the Ottomans, in which there are many styles of Ottoman construction,

these buildings are spread all over Turkey, and one of the most distinctive features of the Ottoman architecture is the magnificent mosques with complex designs. “Mimar Sinan” The most famous architect played a major role in building the most famous Ottoman mosques In Istanbul, he lived in the reigns of three Ottoman sultans and enriched their reign with luxurious buildings with a unique Ottoman character.

The most famous Ottoman mosques in Istanbul:

famous ottoman mosques: Sultan Ahmed Mosque (Blue Mosque)

The Sultan Ahmed Mosque is the largest mosque in the Islamic world and the most famous mosque in Istanbul.
The mosque is located in Istanbul opposite to the Hagia Sophia Museum.
The mosque is famous for its distinctive architecture. It was built by the architect “Mohamed Agha”, one of the students of the famous architect “Mimar Sinan” and one of the most famous architects after him.

The mosque was built in 1616 AD. The mosque has 5 main large domes, 6 minarets, and eight small domes.
This design came to reflect the Ottoman architectural experience in building mosques.
The mosque was named after the Ottoman Sultan Ahmed Khan the first, the fourteenth Ottoman Sultan, who ruled the country after his father at the age of fifteen.

famous ottoman mosques: Suleymaniye Mosque

It was built by the most famous architect, Mimar Sinan, which was considered one of the most important and famous mosques in Istanbul, which was built by this great architect.
It is proof of the creativity and beauty of Ottoman architecture, and the mosque is attributed to Sultan “Suleiman the Magnificent,” the son of Sultan Selim the first, the mosque was established between 1550 and 1557 AD, and its construction was ordered by Sultan Selim the second, the son of Suleiman the Magnificent.

The mosque’s courtyard includes the Sultan’s tomb, four schools, a hospital, a hotel, a minaret, shops, bathrooms, a school for teaching the Qur’an, and the mausoleum of the engineer “Mimar Sinan”.



famous ottoman mosques: Ortakoy Mosque or Majidi Mosque

Sultan “Abdul Majid the first” ordered its construction in 1860 AD on the shore of the Bosphorus, and he built it in the same place of an old mosque.
The mosque has two square minarets at both ends of the assembly of the Sultan, who ordered its construction to be adjacent to the mosque.
Ortakoy Mosque was classified as the most beautiful mosque in the world.

famous ottoman mosques: Sultan Eyup Mosque

It is an old Ottoman Mosque located in the Eyup district on the European side of Istanbul, near the Golden Horn.
It is the first mosque built by Muslims in Istanbul after the conquest of Constantinople and it was built in 1458 AD.
Outside the mosque building, there is the tomb of the great companion “Abu Ayyub al-Ansari” who was buried in this place centuries before the mosque was built in the year 52 AH when Muslims tried to conquer Constantinople, but they did not succeed in that at this time.

famous ottoman mosques: Rustem Pasha Mosque

it is Another mosque designed by the famous architect “Mimar Sinan”, This mosque is located in the Marmara region, the main port of Eminonu in Istanbul.
The mosque was named after Rustam Pasha, the Grand Minister of the Sultan “Suleiman the Magnificent” and his son-in-law.
This mosque is famous for its luxurious Iznik tiles, which are beautifully decorated tiles, and are called by this name after the ancient Turkish city of “Iznik” in which these tiles were made.

famous ottoman mosques: Zal Mahmud Pasha Mosque

A mosque was built by the architect “Mimar Sinan”, and this mosque is located in the Eyup area near the Sultan Eyup Mosque in the Golden Horn area in Istanbul. The mosque was named after Zal Mahmud, the minister of Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent.

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