The Istanbul Izmir new highway reduces a full 5 hours of travel


The Istanbul Izmir new highway is part of the tremendous development in the state’s infrastructure. For this reason, the Turkish government gives priority to the road, transportation, and infrastructure projects, and every period the Turkish republic announces the opening of one of the mega projects that achieve the state’s goals in this development. The Istanbul Izmir new highway was recently...

Free special Istanbul airport ASSISTANCE


You can find Istanbul airport assistance in the new Istanbul airport. The new airport is a jewel that shines in the city of Istanbul in Turkey, and a civilized reflection of Turkey’s pioneering role in the field of transportation, and the airport was designed according to the latest logistical specifications that are rarely available in other airports in the world. And the new Istanbul...

Istanbul transportation card 101


The Istanbul transportation card is a prepaid magnetic electronic card similar to bank cards, and it is one of the latest public transportation cards currently in circulation in Istanbul and the most widespread. It is mentioned that this Istanbul transportation card is an alternative card to the “Akbil” card that looks like a key, which is no longer circulating in the markets in...

Most important airports in Turkey


Knowing the most important airports in Turkey is important regionally and globally, as Turkey is one of the most important global tourism and economic destinations, and for this reason, the Turkish government has done its effort to establish many airports to accommodate visitors from all countries of the world, and to facilitate the movement of individuals between countries of the world and...

Blue Card Istanbul for public transportation


Blue card Istanbul are indispensable in Istanbul, as we do not find a paying method within any means of transportation except with these cards, and there are many types of these cards, some of them are charged with small amounts, and some are charged once or twice, but we do not recommend it because it doesn’t have any discount on the ride, unlike the blue card, which is one of the most...

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