5 advanteges of studying in private universities in Turkey and essential steps to join them


you must learn with us the advantages of studying in private universities in Turkey and the necessary steps to join them, in the case you are interested in joining the educational development that Turkey is currently having.

private universities in Turkey
ISTANBUL, TURKEY – APRIL 30, 2016: Galatasaray University in Bosphorus Strait. University established in Feriye Palaces of Ciragan Palace.

Turkey is known by its strategic location linking East and West by being part of Asia and Europe. Since the establishment of the Turkish Republic in 1923, it has been seeking to achieve and provide a good living for its people; this effort appears in various fields, especially in the field of education, which the Turkish government considers the basis to form intellectual and productive people. The Turkish government has allowed foreigners to study in Turkey, whether in schools, universities, or Turkish scholarships that are offered to foreigners of different nationalities every year, while providing a high-quality level of education, as many Turkish universities are ranking in advanced positions Internationally.

Advantages of studying in private universities in Turkey:

  • Turkey’s unique location between the three continents, Asia, Africa and Europe,

And its moderate climate throughout the year made it a favourite destination for students from different nationalities, due to its resemblance to different cultures and traditions.

  • It provides a high level of education with an amazing teaching staff,

In addition to the certificates granted by Turkish universities which are recognized worldwide,

(educational authorities in your country can be consulted in this matter).

  • The availability of modern university cities with unique facilities, such as advanced and equipped libraries and scientific laboratories, in which you can conduct research and studies and access information easily and conveniently,

Private universities in Turkey also provide students with sport and cultural facilities and affordable housing for students.

  • The high cultural diversity in Turkey made it a gathering place for different nationalities of students who seek knowledge,

And here you will find a suitable environment for socializing with different cultures from all over the world. The youth category in Turkey represents 31% of the Turkish population, which makes it even easier to interact with them and get to know their culture.

  • Low tuition and living costs compared to European countries and the United States,

With a high academic level in constant development. Private universities in Turkey facilitate registration conditions as they provide a large number of university seats available for foreigners in all disciplines, and also facilitating travel procedures and obtaining a residency for students, in addition to providing a place in Turkish language teaching centers in case of acceptance of free scholarships in private universities in Turkey.

 The essential steps to enrol in private universities in Turkey:

  • Determine the field that you want to join.
  • Determine the universities that you intend to study in. It is preferable to choose more than one university.
  • Enter the official website of each university you have chosen and read the registration conditions carefully.
  • Being aware of the dates of application in the universities you want to join and the requirements of each university.
  • Private universities in Turkey generally require SAT exams.
  • As for the English language, some of the private universities that teach their curricula in English, conduct their own exam in order to accept students based on a (B2) language level.
  • Other private universities in Turkey accept only TOEFL and IELTS certificates without making any tests in the English language proficiency,

Private universities that teach curricula in English are not as many compared to universities that teach curricula in Turkish, and they are more frequent in the field of engineering, so it is advisable to study English for those who wish to join such universities before applying to them.

  • It is also advisable to present the original documents at the university you decided to join.
  • If there are similar university subjects that you have already studied, and this is in the case of supplementary university studies, if the courses and study hours are similar you can be considered accepted for passing those courses or some of them, and this is according to what is decided by the university.
  • Regarding to housing, it is possible to join government university housing with its own expenses, which are moderate expenses. Or it is possible to rent a private residence with a group of students and share the rent, in this case the costs will be higher than university housing expences and it will vary according to the place. The cost of housing in crowded big cities in particular such as Istanbul differs from the cost of housing in small cities with limited population.

KNOW THE RENT COST IN ISTANBUL through the following article.


The best turkish private universities in every major:

The University of “Middle East”, “Balkit” and “Hagat Tape” in Ankara, “Technical Istanbul”, “Bogazaci”, “Sabanci”, “Kutch”, “Yildiz” and “Technik” in Istanbul are among the most famous and best private universities in Turkey. And most of them rank in advanced positions internationally in terms of the quality of education.

As for the majors:

The following universities are recommended for literary disciplines, “Gazi” University, “Ankara”, “Istanbul” University, “Hagat Tepe” University, “Sukruva” University, “Anadolu University”, “Aegean” University, and “Marmara” University.

As for the artistic and architecture fields, “Mimar Sinan University” for Fine Arts is among the most important and best places in which this field of study can be mastered.

Average cost for students in private universities in Turkey (Tuition fees, housing, transportation, and food):

Tuition fees differ from one major to another and from one university to another.

Some universities with outstanding academic level have higher expenses than others. For example, if you choose engineering speciality in Istanbul, which is considered one of the most expensive cities in terms of university costs,

  • Tuition fees (for example at Istanbul Technical University) are 3 thousand Turkish liras.
  • The cost of residing in an average apartment in the remote suburbs of Istanbul -which is far from the city center- while sharing the rent with two persons is 500-700 TL.
  • Electricity, gas and water bills for a month are 300 TL.
  • The average monthly cost of food is 300 TL.
  • For transportation, prepaid cards “Istanbul Cart” or “Akbel” can be purchased. They are sold in kiosks scattered in transportation stops and small shops, and they are recharged from the electronic machines available in the parking lots and ferry stations, and they are less expensive than purchasing regular tickets.

If your Turkish language is good, you can work while studying to save some tuition expenses, but it is difficult to get job opportunities in crowded cities with foreigners such as Istanbul, while other work opportunities are available in other cities with less population.

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