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Studying in Eskişehir Turkish universities provide foreign students with high quality education, distinguished teaching staff, and the ability to obtain multiple skills that every graduate need in their professional lives. There are 6 Turkish universities that rank at the top among international universities and are recognized in all over the world. Anadolu University is one of Eskişehir Turkish universities, and it ranks the first among Turkish universities in terms of the quality of education. Let’s get to know all about studying in Eskişehir universities through the following article.

Studying in Eskişehir

studying in Eskişehir universities:

The city of “Eskişehir” is called the city of students or the city of youth and scientific culture. Looking at the percentage of educated people in the Turkish city, we find that it is very high, as it represents 99.9% of the total population of the city. In Eskişehir city there are 266 elementary schools and the number of government and vocational high schools is about 84 schools. Which makes studying in Eskişehir an ideal choice.


The Laskişehir Academy for Economic and Trade Sciences was established in 1958 in the city of “Eskişehir”, and it had a great success. It was renewed in 1982 and then transformed in 1993 to Anadolu University -as it is called in Turkish- to become one of the most important universities of Eskişehir. It includes now many specialties and multiple departments in each specialty.

There is also another university in the city of Eskişehir, which is “Osman Ghazi” University. Let’s get to know all details and specialties available for studying in Eskişehir.

Anadolu University:

Anadolu University is one of the universities of Eskişehir, and it is a Turkish government university that was established in 1973 AD and is ranked first among all Turkish universities and it ranks at number 427 in the world. The university is accredited by the Turkish Ministry of Higher Education and it requires successfully passing the YOS exam as a condition for admission.

The number of students at Anatolia University is about 45,000 students, and the number of faculty members is 2000 highly qualified university teachers who teach various disciplines in various departments. That’s what makes it a good choice for studying in Eskişehir. Bachelor’s fees at Anadolu University are 1000-2500 euros and master’s fees 1000-2500 euros.


Specialties and departments at Anadolu University:

Faculty of Open Education and its departments:

Home management, social sciences, local administration, foreign trade, banking and insurance, health institutes management, theology, agriculture, information management, tourism and hotels management, laboratory aid and veterinary laboratory services, warehouse management and partial trade, brand management, security and special protection, Social services, public relations and media, accounting and tax applications, human resources management, jurisprudence, electric power generation.

Furthermore, transmission and distribution, photography, business administration, cultural and tourism heritage, logistics management, communication and media, capital markets, radio and television and program production, Sports Administration, Travel and Tourism Services, Geographic Information Systems, Pharmaceutical Services, Food Quality Control, and Analysis, Chemical Techniques, Medical Laboratory Techniques, Medicinal, and Aromatic Plants, English Language Teaching, Call Center Services, Kindergarten Education, Philosophy, History, Turkish Language and Literature, Gastronomy, childhood development, elderly care, medical documentation and office administration, Health Administration, Information Management Systems.

Faculty of Human sciences:

History, Sociology, Philosophy, Turkish Language and Literature, Archeology, Art History, Russian Language and Literature.

Faculty of Science:

Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Statistics.

Faculty of Aeronautics and Space Sciences

Department of Aircraft Structures and Engine Maintenance, Aviation Administration, Aviation Training, Air Traffic Control, Avionics.

Faculty of Pharmacy
FACULTY of Fine Arts and its departments:

Graphic arts, ceramic arts, sculpture, animation, painting, glass, printing.

Faculty of Foreign Languages ​​and its departments:

Department of Foreign Languages, Department of Modern Languages.

Faculty of Music and Drama and its departments:

Department of stringed instruments, wind and percussion instruments, piano, guitar, performing arts, opera, building stringed instruments, music sciences.

FACULTY for People with Special Disabilities:

Graphic arts, ceramic arts, computer operator training, architecture drawing.

Gazi Osman University in Eskişehir:

One of Eskişehir public universities, this university occupies the 24th place among Turkish universities, around 28 thousand students are studying at Osman Ghazi University, divided between bachelor’s, master’s and doctorate. The number of the teaching staff is 1,167 highly qualified university teachers. Passing the Yös exam is a necessary condition for admission to and studying in Eskişehir University, as it is considered one of the Turkish universities that considers the Yös exam a prerequisite for admission to it.

Specialties at Osman Ghazi University:

Faculty of Dentistry
Faculty of Education:

Basic education, technology and computer education, psychological and educational counseling, general sciences, social subjects, special education, sign education for people with special needs.

 Faculty of medicine:

General Medicine, Surgery, Internal Medicine

Faculty of Tourism:

Tourism management, tourist guidance, tour management, culinary arts.

Faculty of Agriculture:

Garden plants care, biological system engineering, agricultural technology, agricultural production development methods, soil and plant nutrition, natural architecture, foodstuff engineering, agricultural engineering, zoo management, agricultural economics.

Faculty of Health Sciences:

Nursing, Maternity Department Nursing, Health Administration, Radiology, Healthy Nutrition, Child Development, Physiotherapy.

Faculty of Fine Arts:

Graphic Designs, Visual Arts, Fashion and Textile Design, Ceramic and Glass Design.

Faculty of Engineering:

Electrical Engineering, Electronics and Architecture (Turkish and English), Metallurgical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Civil Engineering, Chemical engineering, geological engineering, materials engineering, computer engineering.

Faculty of Administrative and Economic Sciences:

Economics, public administration, financial management, international relations, political science, government institutions management.

Faculty of Arts and General Sciences:

Life Sciences, Statistics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics, Turkish Language Literature, History.

Faculty of Religion Sciences:

Philosophy and Religion, Basic Islamic Sciences, History, Islamic Art, General Islamic Culture.

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