the best 8 universities for studying in arabic in turkey


Many Turkish universities have been established since the last decade, who made studying in Arabic in Turkey possible, especially after the directives of the Turkish President “Recep Tayyip Erdogan” who insisted on “the necessity of establishing Turkish-Arab universities that include Arab students,” this statement was made because of the increasing number of Arabs in Turkey.

studying in Arabic in Turkey

Turkey made a huge leap in the level of education, which made it the most favourite destination of many students from Arab countries who found it a better place to master useful sciences, at a relatively low price in terms of the university fees or the cost of living in Turkey. For this reason, the Turkish Ministry of Higher Education was keen to attract Arab students by establishing several departments and programs in some Turkish universities and by making studying in Arabic in Turkey in many Turkish universities possible.

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The opening of the Arab departments in Turkish universities came after realising the importance of studying in Arabic in Turkey , especially for students of Islamic studies in Turkish universities, which is considered the most important study program that is taught in Arabic at the present time, and then comes Islamic economics and finance, then political science, then international relations.

names of universities for studying in arabic in turkey:

Istanbul University:

It is a Turkish public university, and one of the oldest universities in Turkey.

In 2013, the university opened a postgraduate department for Islamic studies that teaches in the Arabic language. This university is keen to grant more than half of the available seats annually to Arab students alone.

Sabahattin Zaim University:

It is a Turkish public university located in Istanbul. A department that teaches academic subjects in the Arabic language was opened in 2016, It’s called the “Research and Classifications Center for Islamic Economics and Finance”, and it is the first of its kind in Turkey. This center aims to qualify special students who are capable of working in joint banks committed to the provisions of Islamic Sharia law inside and outside Turkey.

Sultan Mehmed Al Fateh University:

It is one of the Turkish private universities affiliated with the endowments in Istanbul. The university has opened a department to study Islamic sciences in the Arabic language for Arabs, Turkish people and other nationalities. You can join this university after passing a preparatory year studying in Arabic in Turkey for non-Arabs. Languages ​​of instruction at the  University are; English, Arabic and Turkish,

The university accepts students from different countries of the world as well as from Arab countries, especially Syria, Iraq, and North Africa, in addition to other African countries.

May 29 University:

It is an endowment university located in Istanbul, which contains the International Facuty of Islamic Sciences and Religious Studies, in which studying in Arabic in Turkey is available. The university relays on the compulsory preparatory year program in Arabic for Turkish people, and a preparatory year in Turkish for foreign students. The “Higher Institute of Foreign Languages” runs language courses at the university in order to teach foreign languages ​​that students need in their studies.

Global University for Renewal:

It is a private university located in Istanbul, and Arabic is its official language. The university includes 5 faculties, and it seeks to bridge the gap among Muslims in the world in the coming years in the field of learning and understanding the Arabic language. The International University cooperates to renew with other universities such as the Malaysian University “Islamic Sciences” and the Canadian University “Kabk”.

Nation University for Science and Technology:

The university is located in Istanbul, and it is a cooperating university with many Jordanian universities. It was established to meet the needs of Arab students by studying in Arabic in Turkey.

University of El-Neelain:

A private university located in Istanbul, It is considered a branch of El-Neelain University in Sudan. There are many departments in this university that teach academic subjects in the Arabic language. And this branch of the university was established in Turkey to support scientific and cultural communication between Turkey and Sudan. The university was opened in 2016, and it has other branches in Saudi Arabia and Somalia, and it seeks to establish another branch in South Sudan.

Yalova University:

It is a Turkish public university established in 2018, It is located in the Turkish city of Yalova in north-western Turkey. Many departments have been devoted to the Arabic language in the University’s Faculty of Political Science to attract Arab students.

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