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Bilkent University Ankara “Bilkent iniversitesi” is a private Turkish university based in “Ankara” the Turkish capital city. Bilkent University was ranked in 2018 among the top 10 universities in Turkey; As it ranked fourth at the level of Turkish universities, and ranked 731 at the level of world universities. Bilkent University is distinguished as a recognized university in the countries of the European Union. English is the language of instruction at the Bilkent University ankara. Let’s learn more about Bilkent University Ankara through the following article.

History of Bilkent University Ankara:

Bilkent University was founded in 1984 AD by Professor Hassan Degramji, who established many scientific establishments, the first of which was Bilkent University. The main goal of establishing the university is to spread knowledge to all students of all nationalities.

Despite it being a private university, but it does not aim for profit, and for this, the university has been concerned, since its establishment, until now, to follow modern methods of teaching that help students to innovate and focus on the scientific research. This made the university contain advanced laboratories and modern classrooms, and is characterized by its acceptance of a large number of foreigners by scholarships. Every year, about 47% of the university students are accepted through a scholarship, which is surely a large percentage.

Campus of the Bilkent University Ankara:

The campus of Bilkent University is located in Ankara, which has a low cost of living compared to Istanbul. Bilkent University’s campus is about 12 kilometers away from the main highway of Eskişehir, and the campus is characterized by a large area of about 500 hectares. The university’s campus contains student housing that can accommodate about 4000 university students.

The university campus includes many buildings that include colleges, higher and vocational schools, and various institutes. The university also includes 13,000 Turkish and foreign students from different countries, as well as about 1000 university and academic professors.

Conditions for admission to Bilkent University Ankara for the undergraduate level for foreign students:

  • The university requires that the grades average in the secondary school stage should not be less than 80%.
  • The university requires passing the Elios test for admission.
  • The university requires proficiency in the English language as it is the language of instruction at the university, and a test is conducted inside the university to find out the level in the language. In the event of failure in the test, the student must pass a preparatory year to study English and other academic subjects, and the study period ranges from 8 to 10 months.

The registration site at Bilkent University Ankara:

The university address is as follows: Bilkent Üniversitesi -06800 Bilkent / Ankara / TÜRKİYE

The university’s official website:

Faculties and departments of Bilkent University Ankara:

College of Arts, Design and Architecture:

  • Department of Architecture.
  • Department of Communications and Design.
  • Department of Fine Arts.
  • Department of Graphic Design.
  • Department of Interior Architecture and Environmental Design.
  • Department of Urban Design and Engineering.
  • Landscape section.

College of Engineering:

  • Department of Computer Engineering.
  • Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering.
  • Department of Industrial Engineering.
  • Department of Mechanical Engineering.

College of Business Administration

Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences:

  • Department of Economics.
  • Department of History.
  • Department of International Relations.
  • Department of Political Science and Public Administration.
  • Department of Psychology.

College of Science:

  • Chemistry department.
  • Physics department.
  • Mathematics department.
  • Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics.

College of Human Sciences and Arts:

  • Department of archaeology.
  • English department.
  • Department of Philosophy.
  • Translation department.
  • Turkish Literature Department.

College of Music and Performing Arts:

  • Department of Music.
  • Department of Performing Arts.

Faculty of Education

law School

Bilkent University High Schools:

  • Foreign Applied Languages ​​School.
  • School of Banking and Financial Services.
  • School of accounting information and systems.
  • Translation school.
  • French language preparatory program.
  • College of Applied Technology and Management.
  • School of computer, technology and information systems.
  • Higher School of Information Management and Commerce.

Bilkent University vocational schools (duration of study is two years):

  • Vocational School of Computer Technology and Office Administration.
  • British School of Language BUSEL.
  • Faculty of Tourism and Hotel Management, Hospitality Services Program.

Institutes of Bilkent University:

  • Institute of Information Systems and Economics.
  • Institute for Strategic Research.
  • Institute of Educational Sciences.
  • Institute of Economics and Social Sciences.
  • Institute of Fine Arts.
  • College of Business Administration.
  • Institute of Science and Engineering.
  • Institute of Music and Performing Arts.

The cost of studying at Bilkent University Ankara:

The study at Bilkent University colleges is for a period of 4 years, and two years for vocational schools, and the language of instruction in it is English. The cost of studying at the university is about 12 thousand to 14 thousand US dollars per year, paid in two installments.



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