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History of Sabahattin Zaim University

Sabahattin Zaim University is a private university that was established in 2010, and it is one of the distinguished Turkish private universities, as it is classified as the 134 Turkish universities in Turkey. The university is distinguished by its distinctive geographical location in Istanbul (you can press on the previous link to know information about the cost of living in Istanbul) , on the European side of the city. The university is located specifically in (Küçükçekmece).

Sabahattin Zaim University includes about seven faculties, on top of them are, the faculty of Engineering, Natural Sciences, Business Administration, Administrative Sciences, and the faculty of Health Sciences. We should point out that Sabahattin Zain University is one of the most famous universities for its excellence in teaching Islamic sciences, such as the specialization (Islamic Economics), which is highly popular with foreign students.

Other Establishments in Sabahattin Zaim University

Sabahattin Zaim University includes a large mosque full of ancient Ottoman heritage, as well as a huge library called (Library of Sabah al-Din Zaim). Sabah al-Din Zaim library is one of the largest libraries in Istanbul in terms of space and the books it contains in 15 different languages, which makes it an important destination for reading enthusiasts, local, and foreign researchers.

The idea of ​​establishing the largest university library in the city, which works 24 hours a day, was born to revive the spirit of education and to encourage students to do various scientific research. For these reasons, Sabahattin Zaim University laid the foundation stone for the library in 2016, to complete the construction and open its doors last summer, for students from all universities. In addition to researchers, the university aspires to provide one million books in various topics to its readers in various fields.

Faculties and majors available at Sabahattin Zaim University

The university includes a large number of specializations in various stages, the most important of which are in the bachelor’s stage:

  • Teaching Arabic (70% in Turkish and 30% in Arabic)
  • Architecture Engineering (in Turkish)
  • Interior Architecture and Environmental Design (in Turkish)
  • Business Administration (30% English and 70% Turkish)
  • Business Administration (100% English department)
  • Computer Engineering (in Turkish)
  • Economy (30% English)
  • Electrical and Electronics Engineering (30% English)
  • Teaching English (in Turkish)
  • Food Engineering (in English), Food Engineering (in Turkish)
  • Industrial Engineering (30% English)
  • International Trade and Finance (in English), International Trade and Finance (in Turkish)
  • Islamic Economics and Finance (in English), Islamic Economics and Finance (in Turkish)
  • Islamic Sciences (Arabic 30%), Islamic Sciences (100% Arabic)
  • Law (in Turkish)
  • Nursing (in Turkish)
  • Political Science and International Relations (English 100%)

It has other educational and scientific specialties, and to view all specializations, you can visit this link:

You can also view the master’s programs at Sabahattin Zaim University through the following link:

Scholarships offered by Sabahattin Zaim University

Sabahattin Zaim University offers students a variety of scholarships. None of the international applicants are accepted with full tuition fees, all Sabahattin Zaim University international students have at least 25% tuition fee waiver. Students can also get full scholarship rates when they get more than (3.40 GPA) – a success rate of over 80% – In the first year of school, or when they are in the top five in the class.

In addition, there are monthly stipends for these outstanding successful people, and there is also a window of opportunity to obtain a grant to reside in male or female students’ dormitories of the university.

Sabahattin Zaim University application requirements

The documents required:

  • Online application form (
  • Original high school diploma or official letter from your high school indicating that you will graduate on a certain date.
  • A copy of the first page of your passport, which shows identity information.

 Important note: All required documents must be in Turkish or English. If not, it must be translated in one of the Turkish or English languages ​​and approved by the foreign representative offices of the Turkish Republic.

 Important note: You must present the originals of all documents submitted in the application. Failure to do so will result in your application being considered invalid.

You can follow this video to know how to apply in English:

Are you a current student at Sabahattin Zaim University or do you aspire to study there? Tell us in the comments!

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