The Critical Role of the Ferry and Seabus in Istanbul


The ferry and seabus in Istanbul are considered comfortable and time-saving means of transportation. They are not only important on the level of Istanbul alone, but on the level of Turkey as a whole. Their importance lies in the fact that they connect the different cities of Turkey to each other.

As for the city of Istanbul, the ferry and seabus in Istanbul, act as important elements in the city. They connect the two sides of the European and Asian city together. This saves time during the rush hours that cause great traffic congestion, especially during the summer tourist season in the city. During this time, the city is crowded with tourists in huge numbers, which causes the bridges to be filled with cars, this makes it difficult to move overland by cars and buses.

Here, comes the role of the ferry and seabus in Istanbul, as they pass through the Bosporus Strait, they facilitate daily transportation. Get to know with us the types of ferry and seabus in Istanbul through this article, on your site “Turkey for Expats”.

characteristics of ferry and seabus in istanbul

Sea ferries are characterized by providing an element of comfort during movement, whether between different Turkish cities or between Istanbul stations.

The ferries inside Istanbul are characterized by the fact that they do not need to be booked in advance, as is the case for ferry trips between the cities of Turkey, which need to be booked in advance a day or two before.

To take the ferry and seabus in Istanbul, you can buy a Jetton or a ticket from the kiosks on the quayside. Or use the Akpil Card or the Istanbul Transport Card for your transportation, except for the trips of the Bosporus tour, which are trips that require cash payment.

As for the schedules of trips by sea ferries, each destination has different ferries, a place of take-off and specific dates.

Different timetables are applied during winter and during summer. These tables are printed in brochures in Turkish and English. They are distributed free of charge inside the ferry terminals or through the official website of the ferry-owning company, Ido:

The most important ports for ferry and seabus in Istanbul:

Eminonu Port:

The main ferry port in Istanbul is “Eminönü” port. It provides ferry trips to many stations in Istanbul, and has 4 berths for several destinations in Istanbul:

Bosporus bogaz, Golden Horn “Halic”, Kadikoy, Uskudar.

There is another dock dedicated to trips to the Princes’ Islands (“Prins Adaları” or Princes’ Islands as the Turks call them).

Yenikapi port:

As for the “Yenikapi” port, it is a port in Istanbul that provides foreign trips between Istanbul and the various cities of Turkey, and its most famous trips are to the cities of Yalova and Bursa.

Types of marine ferries in Istanbul:

There are 3 types of sea ferries in Istanbul:

The “Ferry”:

These ferries are characterized by the presence of trips every 20 minutes and their prices are low, ranging between 1.5-3 Turkish liras. As for the Bosporus tour, the price is about 20 Turkish lira.

“Ferry” ferries start their first cruise at seven in the morning, and the trips continue in succession until late at night. Among the most famous of these lines are the “Dentur Avrasya” ferry, and the “deniz otobüsleri” ferry.

These ferries can accommodate 700-2100 people per trip, depending on its size.

The ferry’s fare can be paid with prepaid transportation cards. These are cards with several names that are charged for the first time with 7 Turkish liras, and then they are filled from any electronic machine of their own. It is spread at the entrances to the stations.

You can find more about these cards through this article:



The main stations of the Ferry on the European side of Istanbul:

  • Beşiktaş Station
  • Kabatas . Station
  • Karakoy . Station

Ferries from these stations go directly to Kadıköy Station on the Asian side.

Private ferries in Istanbul:

They are fast ferries belonging to private companies, and they are smaller in size than the public ones, but they are faster and more comfortable, as they have modern technological means. These ferries are located at the same stations along with the public ferries, but they are owned by private companies.

These ones accept prepaid electronic payment cards, as well as cash payments, and there are more private ferries in the “Kartel” area, with more trips to the Princess Islands. Private ferries can be rented exclusively for groups or for private trips.

Car transport ferries in Istanbul:

They are ferries dedicated to transporting cars only, and they are one of the easiest means of transportation to connect the Asian and European sides of Istanbul and vice versa. It is a convenient way, especially for heavy transport and large loads, because it saves time and effort, especially during peak times.

This method allows motorists to take a break or a short nap during the transportation period inside their cars to relax and rest from the noise of the city. There are places that sell tickets and electronic payment cards for transportation before entering the ports of these ferries. Other trips to many Turkish cities such as Bursa, Izmir and Yalova are also available in these ports.

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