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Ankara is the capital of the Turkish Republic and was declared the capital of Turkey in 1932 AD. Ankara famous for being the third largest Turkish province in terms of area after Konya and Sivas. It is also the second largest province in terms of population with a population of about 6 million people. The city’s residents are distinguished by their adherence to the ancient Turkish customs and traditions, as well as their religious commitment.

Ankara famous for its people’s great deal of flexibility in dealing with foreigners. Ankara consists of 25 cities, including a good number of major cities (15 cities). It is the best in terms of job opportunities and the presence of government departments, embassies, consulates, companies, major factories, hospitals, hotels and museums.

Although the city is not a tourist city like Istanbul and other Turkish tourist cities, but Ankara famous for its distinguished position in the field of education. This makes it the first destination for Turkish and foreign students in the cities of Turkey. Let’s get acquainted with the most important features of the city of Ankara.

The most important major cities Ankara famous for

Akyurt, Altındağ, Ayaş, Bala, Çankaya, Çubuk, Elmadağ, Etimesgut, Gölbaşı, Kalecik, Kazan, Keçiören, Mamak, Sincan, and Yenimahalle

Real estate prices in Ankara

Because it is a city of work and study and not a favorite tourist destination in Turkey, real estate rental prices have decreased significantly from the famous Turkish tourist cities that are crowded with population, such as “Istanbul”. We find that the rental prices of apartments range from 400-700 Turkish liras per month.

The price varies according to the region and the condition of the property, while the rents of villas range between 1500-6000 Turkish liras. As for the properties that are for sale, the prices start from 100 thousand to 600 thousand Turkish liras.

Depending on the region, the condition of the property, and the availability of additional services, as is the case in large residential complexes.

You can find more about the cost of living in Ankara, through this article.

Education that ankara famous for

There are a huge number of schools in Ankara, about 2,700 schools for all levels of education. This includes 1700 public schools, 1,000 private schools, and 150 schools of imam preachers.

For the universities” system that Ankara famous for, it has the best universities in Turkey, such as “ODTU” University, which is the abbreviation of “Middle East Technical University”,

According to the statements of the Turkish Ministry of Higher Education, Ankara is the first destination for foreign students at the level of all Turkish cities.

Hospitals and medical tourism in Ankara

The prices of private hospitals in Turkey are lower than the Istanbul governorate by many stages. There are many major hospitals with high efficiency and distinguished quality, which people come to especially from different countries of the world. This makes the health care system something that Ankara famous for worldwide!

Agriculture in the city of Ankara

Agricultural land represents about 50% of the area of ​​Ankara. Where most of its area is occupied with fertile plains suitable for agriculture. Among the most important agricultural products that Ankara famous for : wheat, barley, beets, watermelons, apples and grapes.

It is also famous for raising grazing animals and poultry. Fruitful forests occupy vast areas of Ankara, about 28% of its area. Likewise, meadows and pastures occupy 12% of the city’s area.

The highest point in the city is the Madagh (Mount Apple) point. It has a running river, the Sakarya River, 14 lakes, 11 dams and 136 irrigation ponds.

Climate of Ankara

Continental climate where there is snowy rain in winter, but in summer it has a hot and dry climate. As for the north of Ankara, the climate is different, similar to the climate of the Black Sea region, the climate is moderate and the rainfall is light.

Work in the city of Ankara:

Three quarters of the population of Ankara works in the service sector. Despite the presence of major factories in the city, but it is not developed to accommodate a large immigrant population.

Where the industry sector there consists of a group of 6 small and medium enterprises, the most important of them are the food industry, and textile industry which Ankara famous for.

Tourism in the city of Ankara and most important tourist attractions that ankara famous for

Tourism is not the main activity in the city, but it contains many wonderful places worth visiting, such as the museum of Anatolian Civilizations, Ankara Castle, Ankara Ethnographic museum, “Angeranium” memorial and the Temple of Augustus, one of the Roman ruins in the city.

As well as the mausoleum of “Ataturk”, which is likely to be visited by many authors of history books, and is visited by a large number of tourists annually. There is also the old Turkish People’s Assembly, which is for those interested in learning about Turkey’s modern history.

This is in addition to many parks and gardens that Ankara famous for such as:

  • Gençlik Park or Youth Park.
  • The Garden of the Seven Colors (Ulus Park) is one of the city’s most famous parks.
  • Wonderland Garden and contains many carved cartoon characters scattered throughout the garden. The garden also provides basketball, tennis, golf, skating rink, exhibitions and theaters.
  • “Koglu” park, which means swan, is distinguished by the presence of swans and birds in the park’s lakes.
  • Lake Karagul, which means the Black Lake, is characterized by its picturesque scenery, especially since the mountains surround the lake, making it a suitable place for trips, barbecues and beautiful evenings with friends.
  • Atakule Tower: It is a famous tower in Ankara located within a huge shopping center where you can enjoy a wonderful view of the beautiful city from the top of the tower.

Transportation in Ankara

Within the province of Ankara, there are land, air and railway roads, which provide a sophisticated transportation system that meets the needs of citizens well.

It is the first city in Turkey in terms of interest in internal transportation. It also has the Esenboga International Airport, which is located north of the governorate center.

It provides flights to all cities of Turkey and foreign trips to Europe, the United States and the Far East. The airport was renovated and its passenger capacity was developed in 2006, as well as the roads linking the airport to the city completely.

You can also visit the official website of Ankara for more news and info about it!

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