Important information on the Quran memorizing exam in Turkey “Hafiz”


The Presidency of Turkish Religious Affairs announced the date of the Quran memorizing exam in Turkey “Hafiz”, which is held twice every year. The Quran memorizer obtains -after he successfully passes the exam- a certificate approved by the Ministry of Religious Affairs.

Quran memorizing exam in Turkey

Hafiz is a coveted title among Muslims, which is used for someone who has completely memorized the Quran. The tradition of learning the Quran by heart dates back to the early days of Islam when it was a way of preserving the true essence and complete message of the religion and its holiest book. Even in this digital age, where storing large amounts of data on memory chips is easy, millions of Muslims around the world continue to learn the Quran by heart and have kept the tradition of becoming a Hafiz alive.

Learn with us in this article all about Quran memorizing exam in Turkey with all the details, and how to register for it through the following article.

How to apply for Quran memorizing exam in Turkey:

The exam will be held in ten Turkish states:

  1. Ankara
  2. Istanbul
  3. Erzurum
  4. Konya
  5. Manisa
  6. Kayseri
  7. Diar Baker
  8. Trabzon
  9. Cogley
  10. Samsun
  • The Hafiz exam can be taken in any of these states.
  • You must go to the advisory Office of the municipality in which you reside in order to register for the exam.
  • Registration requires kimlik (which is more like a permit), with a personal photo of the student.
  • You will have to fill in some important data such as an address, email, phone number.
  • After Fifteen days of the end of the registration in the advisory office, the applicant must head to his municipality to receive a paper that will mention:
  • The number of the contestant in the exam
  • The date of the exam
  • The place to be examed in
  • The Quran memorizing exam in Turkey starts on 1-13-2020, and the exam committee is consisted of three examiners. The students enter one after another.
  • The participant is asked five questions from different parts of the Holy Quran, each part would be half a page long.
  • “The methods used for Quran memorization in Turkey should be approved by Theology Organization and almost all Quranic centers in the country apply the same strategies.” in which “memorizers are required to read the page they are going to memorize for 25 times, while the first should be done in 3 minutes and the last in not more than 35 seconds.”
    “This is not to be seen as fast-reading; however, it helps the learners to memorize a full page through nonstop recitation in 15 minutes”.
  • Most of the participants in the exam are students of Quran teaching centers. It is for different age groups and those who successfully passed the exam and scored the minimum required points were awarded Quran memorization certificates. In Turkey, Diyanet is responsible for supervising Quranic and religious activities.

The appearing of the results:

  • The results of the Quran memorizing exam in Turkey appears about ten days after the exam, and the result would be either the contestant’s success or failure in the exam.
  • There are no grades, and the successful participants are identified by a certain percentage, they are the ones who scored 70% or more.
  • After the result, the successful participants must go to the place where they registered for the exam in order to obtain their certificate with a letter of thanks and appreciation to the parents of the contestant.
  • This certificate is an approved certificate in Turkey and can be submitted to work as a Quran teacher in mosques and other specialized places.

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