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The Critical Role of the Ferry and Seabus in Istanbul


The ferry and seabus in Istanbul are considered comfortable and time-saving means of transportation. They are not only important on the level of Istanbul alone, but on the level of Turkey as a whole. Their importance lies in the fact that they connect the different cities of Turkey to each other. As for the city of Istanbul, the ferry and seabus in Istanbul, act as important elements in the city...

The Best 5 Shopping Malls Istanbul


Everyone wants to shop in shopping malls Istanbul! The Turkish city of Istanbul is famous for being a popular place for shopping and shopping by foreign tourists who flock to it in large numbers every year. It was even ranked this year as one of the most important tourist destinations in the world, and there are many luxury shopping malls Istanbul that make the shopping experience in Istanbul an...

5 best places to spend Eid in Turkey


If you are Looking for the best cities to spend the Eid in Turkey ; You will find your desire in these Turkish cities that we will mention to you through the following article on your website “Turkey for Expats”. Turkey includes cultural treasures inherited through the times and eras that have passed, as it has a wonderful climate and a charming nature that God gave to it. Turkey has combined the...

best 8 places to buy gifts from turkey


Get to know with us about the best 8 places to buy gifts from turkey  Turkey has a huge variety of souvenirs that you can buy and take back home to present as valuable and joyful gifts for acquaintances and friends, whether they are distinctive crafts, or handmade goods and products in Turkey, or famous foods in Turkey, and obtaining these is not limited to Souvenirs on the famous shopping...

best and most popular city in Turkey


Get to know with us about the most popular city in Turkey through this article on your website Turkey for Expats. The Republic of Turkey is located between the continents of Asia and Europe, where the largest part of it is located in the continent of Asia, and only about 3% of it is in the continent of Europe. Turkey is divided administratively into 81 provinces that are administered by...

best Ramadan destination Turkey to visit


Get to know with us about the most famous Ramadan destination Turkey bazaars in Istanbul through the following article on your website “Turkey for Expats”. In the month of Ramadan, the city of Istanbul turns into a torch of lit lights and a carnival of celebrations and gatherings, where the Turks find Ramadan a great opportunity to consolidate social and cultural activity, and for this, we find...

best 7 popular Turkish dishes


Today, we will introduce you to the most important and most distinctive of these dishes. Keep reading to learn about the most popular Turkish dishes and we advise you, dear reader, not to miss tasting any of them during your visit to Turkey! Turkish cuisine is considered one of the most diverse cuisines in the world, and many of its dishes are famous worldwide! It combines many characteristics of...

the 6 best famous ottoman mosques


Get to know with us about the most famous Ottoman mosques in Istanbul. The Ottomans were famous for building and construction and they were excellent in it, and the Ottoman architecture was influenced by other previous civilizations such as the Seljuk and Byzantine, but it was able to add luster and creativity to its architecture, and this appeared in many Ottoman buildings such as palaces...

6 BEST top resorts in Antalya


Get to know with us the 6 best top resorts in Antalya. Antalya is one of the most famous tourist cities in Turkey and the most visited by tourists wishing to enjoy the wonderful sandy beaches overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. Antalya has many high-end tourist areas such as “Belek”, “Lara “and “Kemer”, Belek is one of the most famous of these areas, which contains many picturesque beaches and...

8 best shops in egyptian bazaar istanbul


Get to know with us about the best shops in Egyptian bazaar Istanbul.  The Grand Bazaar “Büyük Çarşı” or “Kapalı çarşı” is the most famous shopping place in the Turkish city of Istanbul, The Grand Bazaar is located in the “El-Fateh” district of Istanbul.  This market is the largest and oldest market in the world, where thousands of tourists visit it daily. The market extends over an...

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