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There are a lot of types of residence permits in Turkey such as residence permit property Turkey, residence permit for work which is granted for foreign workers, residence permit for students which is granted for the students who are studying in Turkish universities, humanitarian residence permit which is granted for refugees, there are over 20 types of residences permits that depends on the foreigner’s situation. In this article, we are going to talk about the residence permit property Turkey.

Residence permit property Turkey is a type of short-term tourist residence that is renewable and it is granted for one year, and for this reason the steps necessary to obtain the residence permit property Turkey are similar to the steps for the tourist residence, except for some differences, which we will explain to you in the following lines in detail.

In residence permit property Turkey, the reason for obtaining the residence permit property Turkey is owning a property in Turkey, and owning a property grants residency and grants Turkish citizenship if the price of the property exceeds $ 250,000 (this is according to the new amendments of 2018 in the Turkish Citizenship Law).

The necessary steps to obtain residence permit property Turkey:

The steps for a residence permit property Turkey are similar to the steps for a tourist residence.

However, when choosing the reason for obtaining residency, we choose because of the desire to own a property.

Details of procedures for obtaining tourist residency in Turkey

Documents required to obtain residence permit property Turkey:

(These are the same documents necessary to obtain tourist residency, except for the lease contract to be replaced by the title deed):

  • A passport valid for at least one year, copies of it, a copy of the visa, and the entry stamp to Turkey.
  • Medical insurance from any medical insurance company in Turkey.
  • 5 personal photos with a white background.
  • Title paper from the embassy.
  • Bank account paper from a Turkish bank to prove that you have sufficient financial resources during your stay
  • Tabu contract (title deed of property); it is an alternative to the lease contract in the tourist residence. It is a contract that proves the ownership of the property, where you live and how much you paid and more than one name can be written in the tabu contract (wife and children under 18 years old). Provided that the number of individuals is proportional to the area of ​​the property and this is to facilitate the procedures for extracting real estate residence for them,

The title deed of the property of the residence permit property Turkey is easily extracted from the municipality’s title deed administration, and its cost is estimated at 3% of the price of the mentioned property in the municipality, and it is not the actual purchase price of the property, which is very high in relation to its registered price at the municipality’s title deed administration.

  • legal paper.

Real estate residency gives residence permit property Turkey for two years and is renewed as long as the property is yours.

Regarding the procedures for obtaining real estate residency for the wife and children under the age of 18:

  • As we mentioned, their names can be written in the title deed of property contract to facilitate the procedures.
  •  Bring birth certificates for the children, documented and certified by the consulate in your country, then translate them and certify them from the Maqam of your country.
  • Bring the wife’s passport, copies of it, copies of the visa, and the entry stamp for Turkey.
  • Bring personal photos of the wife and children with a white background.
  • Health insurance for each member of your family

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