OBTAINING AN E VISA TO TURKEY: an Effortless process


The ability to obtain an E visa to Turkey is one of the most important things that the Turkish government has allowed. Turkey is a first-class tourist country with the testimony of millions of tourists who come to the Turkish lands every year to enjoy the stunning scenery and the charming nature that God has blessed for this country. If you are among the people who want to experience the tourism experience of Turkey, we will try the following topic to explain everything you want to know about the tourist visa, specifically the electronic one and the papers required for it.

Obtaining e visa to turkey for tourists

If you are a tourist who wishes to obtain an E visa to Turkey, there are few requirements that you need to fulfill first. You will find below these requirements along with the papers required for an E visa to Turkey.

  • If you are less than 20 years old and over 45, or if you have a valid visa for the United States, England, or a Schengen visa (the word Schengen is a European agreement signed by twenty-seven European countries with the aim of facilitating entry and exit procedures for their citizens without the need for a visa).
  • If you have a valid passport for at least 6 months.
  • A bank card for online transactions is to be used to pay the fees required for obtaining an electronic entry visa.

With the availability of the previous conditions and papers, you can apply for an E visa to Turkey, just go to the following website of the Turkish Embassy and follow the steps: http://www.evisa.gov.tr/

steps of obtaining an e visa to turkey from the website

  • Enter the country, passport type, and random letters that will appear to you (captcha test), then click Save and Continue.
  •   Select the start date of the visa and click on Continue.
  • Click on all the conditions that must be met by the e-Visa holder, and these conditions must be real. Especially for hotel reservations and flight reservations. The flight reservation is required to be a round trip. When you finish then press continue.
  • Fill out the data form with your personal data and then press Continue while confirming the form.
  • You will receive an email with a payment link. Note that this message will be valid for 48 hours only, and when you open this message, press OK and a payment screen will appear. Enter your credit card number and its security code, then click on the payment option, you will receive a link in your email, open it and print the visa. Now, you have obtained your E visa to Turkey, it will allow you to go to the airport and travel to Turkey directly.

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Making bulk applications for an E visa to Turkey

There is an option of making bulk applications which are called family applications. These can be made for a minimum of two individuals and a maximum of ten. All members must, however, be from the same nation, have the same sort of travel document (e.g., regular passport, identity card), and arrive on the same date.

To apply, fill out the ‘Personal Information’ form for the first member of the family after selecting the ‘Country/Region’ of the travel document and the ‘Date of Arrival.’ Then select ‘Add a New Person’ from the drop-down menu. You have one more chance to double-check the first person’s information at this stage. After you’ve given your approval, you can add the information for the next member, and so on.

As for the fees for obtaining an electronic visa, they are free in some countries, and in other countries, it varies between 20 and 60 dollars.

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