8 Important procedures for marriage laws in turkey

marriage laws in turkey

Marriage laws in Turkey differ in relation to marriage between Turkish citizens, from marriage between a foreigner and a Turkish person, or marriage between foreigners in Turkey, but the differences between the three types are slight differences that we will explain through this article,

Only civil marriage is legal in Turkey. You may have any religious ceremony you wish in addition to the civil one, but the religious service has no legal standing in Turkey.

Also, notice that Turkish officials cannot perform a marriage that would not be approved in your own country. If your own country’s laws prohibit you from marrying, you will not be able to obtain from authorities of your own country the documents that are required by Turkish marriage law, and thus you will not be able to marry in Turkey.

Marriage laws in Turkey in detail:

1- Preventing polygamy, as the Turkish Civil Law of 1926 prohibits polygamy, and this is for all cases of marriage within Turkey, whether marriage between Turks, or marriage between different nationalities, or marriage between a Turkish and a foreigner, and this is why marriage can only be concluded after The termination of the first marriage (if any) with the need for papers to prove this; That is why we find among the documents required to complete the marriage an important document called several names: it is the “celibacy document” or the “marriage eligibility document” or “Evlenme Ehliyet Belgesi” in Turkey.

2- The legal possibility for Muslims to marry non-Muslims.

3- It does not recognize religious marriages contracted under the supervision of the religious establishment, as we mentioned before, and only civil marriage is recognized, and there is no objection to religious celebration after civil marriage is carried out according to the marriage laws in Turkey of the Turkish Republic.

In the case of wanting to marry between Turks and foreigners in Turkey; Marriage laws in Turkey require the approval of the foreign country to which the foreign person who wants to marry a Turkish or Turkish citizen belongs, and this means that if the laws of the foreign country prevent marriage with Turks, the marriage procedures in Turkey between the Turkish and the foreigner cannot be completed, and this requires obtaining On papers proving this approval from the foreign country.

4- Freedom from mental illness and some other diseases such as epilepsy and hysteria; There must be sufficient mental capacity to make fair judgments in marriage, and mental illness is an obstacle to marriage in Turkey for all marriages.

5- It is forbidden to marry relatives, and this is a special condition for marriage between Turks and Turks, and foreigners of the same nationality.

6- Reaching the legal age for marriage in Turkey, which is 18 years as a minimum, which is a requirement for all marriages in Turkey, whether between Turks and Turks, or between Turks and foreigners, or between foreign spouses; However, marriage laws in Turkey have enabled people between the ages of 16-18 to marry after submitting a document of approval from a guardian or guardian, or in the presence of one of the parents.

7- A person who has ever been married, whether a man or a woman, must present evidence of divorce or dissolution of the previous marriage in order for him to be entitled to the second marriage contract; Because, as mentioned, Turkish laws prohibit polygamy for all marriages in Turkey.

8- A divorced woman must wait a period of 300 days (approximately ten months) from the date of the dissolution of the previous marriage in order for her to complete the procedures of the new marriage.




All marriage laws are similar for all marriages in Turkey in many matters, the most important of which is the documents and papers required to marry in Turkey, which are similar in all cases.

However, there are slight differences in marriage laws in Turkey for the different cases of marriage, and they are as follows:

  • Foreign citizens are advised if they are outside Turkey to arrive or be in Turkey a few days before the date set for the completion of the marriage at the Turkish embassy, ​​consulate or municipality; In order for them to fill in the application form to petition for marriage, which is a necessary condition regardless of the nationality of the spouses.
  • A sworn translator must be present if the foreign spouses do not speak Turkish.
  • For the marriage of foreigners coming to Turkey for the purpose of tourism; They can submit a document proving the domicile of either the hotel or hostel residing in it, stating the date of stay, length of stay and address.

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