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Olimpa Mall Basaksehir is one of the most famous malls in the Basaksehir area in Istanbul. The Olimpa Mall in the Basaksehir has a number of features. It is located in the quiet Basaksehir area, which is filled with Arab residents. Being in an area filled with Arab and non-Turks residents

We will try through our article to inform you more about the features of Olimpa Mall in the Basaksehir.

Olimpa Mall Basaksehir features:

Olimpa Mall is characterized by a number of features, as it is located in the quiet Basaksehir area, which is filled with Arab residents, and it contains everything that the family needs.

Olimpa Mall Basaksehir consists of four floors:

Olimpa Mall consists of four floors, the ground, second, third and fourth floor.

The ground floor of Olimpa Mall Basaksehir: It is a floor distinguished by many features, as it contains a cinema hall to display the latest films and cartoons, it also contains the famous (Shari) supermarket in Turkey. The floor also includes a large number of clothing and furniture stores, libraries, and others, among which is the famous (Defacto) store in Turkey. There are also a number of hairdressing shops for women on the ground floor and in the vicinity of the mall outside.

The second floor of Olimpa Mall Basaksehir: includes a number of various clothing stores, between women’s and children’s clothes, among the most famous of these stores is the (LC Waikiki) store.

The third floor of Olimpa Mall Basakseir: It also includes a number of various clothing stores, between women’s and children’s clothes, the most famous of these stores is the (Koton) store.

The fourth floor of Olimpa Mall Basaksehir: which is the last floor and includes a group of local restaurants, to provide delicious Turkish meals, it also includes places to play for children.

In addition: There is a garage for cars under the mall of Olimpa.

Visitors Transport service to and from Olimpa Mall Basaksehir:

Olimpa Mall Basaksehir provides a free transportation service for its visitors to the mall, as transportation cars or shuttle services pass from several nearby areas in Basaksehir. Among these free transportation are: the first and second Etapes, the fourth etap, Fenerbahçe district, Kayasehir district, and other areas.

Visitors can also use these transportations to go back to their homes exactly every hour, from 10 am to 8 pm, picking up other visitors who are going to the mall.

Check Olimpa Mall Basaksehir location on the following map link:


Now we can conclude that Olimpa Mall Basaksehir in Istanbul is the first center opened in the heart of Başakşehir, which meets all the needs of the clients. Olimpa Mall Basaksehir includes several stores with different sizes. Its stores has all what you need from clothes, accseories, shows and bags all the way to small home appliances.

The mall is equipped with a hypermarket which can provide all the daily needs for the visitors. Olimpa Mall Basaksehir also has the finest and the most famous clothes brands for children, women and men, it also has cafes and restaurants like the deliciously famous Burger King, and it also has terrace, concierge, fitness center, sea view, indoor and outdoor swimming pool, scuba diving area, walking track, sauna, aqua park, conference room, wifi, spa, thermal pool and Turkish bath. In conclusion, Olimpa Mall Basaksehir provides all the possible services that anyone might need at any time in the day.

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