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Turkey has become the preferred treatment destination for many people around the world; hence the medical city hospital Istanbul, due to the quality of the medical services provided, and the obvious reduction in treatment costs. For these reasons, Turkey has sought since 2016 to start building the largest integrated medical city hospital Istanbul in Basaksehir (Istanbul).

Recently, President “Recep Tayyip Erdoğan” announced the imminent opening of the largest integrated medical city hospital in Europe in Basaksehir (Istanbul); Which falls on April 20, 2020, and work is still in full swing to complete the construction and open the largest integrated medical city hospital Istanbul on time.

This was among the measures and precautions taken by the Turkish government to combat the epidemic, Coronavirus in Turkey, which has swept the world and spread widely since the beginning of 2020. Let’s get you on board with us through this article on your site “Turkey for Expats” and know more details about the largest integrated medical city hospital Istanbul, the largest medical city in Europe, and let’s get to know more about its expected capacity.

The history of establishing the largest integrated medical city hospital Istanbul:

The beginning of laying the foundation stone for the establishment of this integrated medical city hospital Istanbul goes back to 2016. The Turkish government planned to complete it with the beginning of 2020 to be an integrated medical city from the best and largest medical cities in the world. This is within Turkey’s continuous endeavor to reach the best and largest development and service projects worldwide.

The construction of the huge hospital was a model of partnership between the public sector represented by the Turkish government, and the private sector represented by one of the biggest Japanese companies that invested in this giant project, believing in the success of the economic policies of the state of Turkey.

The choice of the construction area has fallen from the beginning, on “Basaksehir” area located in the Turkish city of Istanbul. It is a promising area among many areas in Istanbul with increasing real estate investments for foreigners, especially non-Turk investors. Basaksehir is growing to be the most famous and most prominent cities in Istanbul.

What is in the largest medical city hospital Istanbul?

The medical city hospital Istanbul is located in Basaksehir (Istanbul) on an area of ​​one million square meters. It consists of 6 huge buildings that were built with earthquake-resistant specifications, and at the highest levels of safety in the world. The medical city accommodates more than 2,682 beds divided into 2354 main beds, 200 physiotherapy and rehabilitation beds, 128 therapy, and psychiatric beds. It also includes 709 medical complexes, 190 single rooms, 472 double rooms, and 90 surgical operating rooms. The central care department includes 520 beds equipped with the latest medical devices in the world. The hospital is supposed to accommodate 100,000 people per day to receive treatment there.

Roads and constructions serving the largest integrated medical city hospital Istanbul in Basaksehir:

The Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure “Adil Karaismailoğlu” stated that there are roads that are being constructed by the Istanbul municipality around the hospital to coincide with the opening of the largest integrated medical city hospital Istanbul in Basaksehir. The roads will facilitate access to the medical city from all parts of Istanbul. This project is intended to be one of the projects that Turkey is proud to provide its services to the world and the Turkish citizens and residents on the Turkish territory. It is planned to be the largest integrated medical city in Europe, and hopefully even the world!

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