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Mobile phones now are widely used to the point that many people are fully dependent on them. That’s why we need to know how to Turkey phone registration. They are used in communication, news updates, work…etc. If you are a foreigner coming to Turkey, especially if you are willing to have a long stay, we would like to offer you through our website “Turkey for Expats” a very detailed information guide on the steps of Turkey phone registration.

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Usually, when foreigners arrive to turkey and after two to six months of their stay, they get surprised that their phone network stopped working and it is not receiving a Turkish signal at all. This problem requires following a certain protocol to register your phone in a Turkish mobile communication company. Let’s take a look at the steps of turkey phone registration together!

First of all, it is very important to know that turkey phone registration is instructed by the government and a must do. It has been indicated by the Turkish parliament and the Turkish Ministry of Finance to be executed by the Turkish institution of information and communications technology. There are two main methods for turkey phone registration.

The first method for turkey phone registration:

The first step is going to one of the banks mentioned and provide a copy of the passport of the phone owner. You also must have the stamp of entry to the Republic of Turkey. If you don’t have the stamp you can get it from any security office. Then, you pay 618.5 Turkish lira in the bank. Here’s a list of the banks that can help you in this step:

  • T.Halk Bankası 
  • Vakıflar Bankası
  • Asya Bankası 
  • Anadolu Bankası 
  • Aktif Bankası 
  • T.Finansbank Bankası 
  • Albaraka Türk Bankası 
  • Tekstil bank 
  • Denizbank 
  • İNG Bank 
  • HSBC Bank  
  • Şekerbank 
  • T.Garanti Bankası 
  • TC Ziraat Bankası 
  • T.İş Bankası 

The last step after paying in the bank and getting proof of your payment is going to a telecommunication company, there are many of them in Turkey, the most famous are AVEA, TURK CELL, and VODAFONE. Make sure you bring your passport and a copy of it as well. You will pay an additional fee to the company of your choice and it differs from one company to the other but it ranges from 30 to 100 Turkish lira.

The second method for your Turkey phone registration:

This is an easier method as it will save you the hassle of going to the telecommunication company yourself as you’ll do it from your home only using your internet connection! However, you must also have the following:

  • National Turkish number (TC)
  • Electronic password (e-devlet) that you get from any Turkish post office for 3 Turkish liras

Once you have those, you go to (http://www.turkiye.gov.tr/) and press on (sisteme giriş) on top of the screen and register using your TC and e-password. Then, press (e-hizmetler) on the top left part of the screen, you’ll be directed to another window and choose the institution of information and communications technology (Teknolojileri ve İletişim Kurumu). Then, choose (IMEI Kaydet). On your phone, dial #60# and you will receive a number of 15 digits, this is your IMEI number, write it on the screen and press continue (Devamet). The telecommunication company will recognize your device. 

Lastly, you’ll be redirected to a new window divided into 3 parts:

The first part is called (Kisisel Bilgiler) where you enter your basic info from your passport and then choose the type of application you want (the first one). Then, write your phone number.

The second part is (Cihaz Bilgileri) where you register your device’s info, like the IMEI you’ve obtained.

The third part is called (Giris Yapilan BELGE (PASPORT KIMLIK v.b) Detaylari) where you register other details regarding your passport, nationality, date of entry to Turkey, visa type…etc.

Once you finish filling up all of these info press ‘continue’ and this way you’ve completed the steps for your Turkey phone registration!

Important remarks:

Usually, the Turkish communication institution cuts off the network from all phones coming from outside of Turkey or from Turkey but was bought from small stores and aren’t registered. That’s why you need to finish your Turkey phone registration within the first 120 days of your entry to Turkey. Each person gets to register one phone every two years.

Do you have any questions or personal experience to share regarding Turkey phone registration? Share with us in the comments!

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