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Pegasus is an airline company headquartered in Istanbul, Turkey. Pegasus refund ticket is important for everyone and Pegasus characterized as a low-cost airline, in addition to its interest to provide good quality services, this is what made it is titled the best low-cost airline in Europe, and we will talk in this article about how to pegasus refund ticket value airline that is not used. Pegasus Airlines is one of the airlines that allow a partial refund of the value of the reserved ticket. Learn about the necessary procedures for Pegasus refund ticketwith us through the following article on your site “Turkey for Expats”.

In the case of reservation on a Pegasus airline, one-way ticket is often used, and the return ticket becomes worthless after the time of its use has passed.

Pegasus Airlines provides a service for refunding or retrieving the value of an airline ticket, and the Pegasus refund ticket amount varies according to the status of the ticket reservation:

  • In the case of a round-trip reservation and using a one-way ticket, the refund amount will be small and not exceed 60 Turkish liras.
  • But if the reservation is a return and the tickets have not been used completely, here a large part of the amount paid will be refunded, about 70% of the amount paid, provided that the refund is at least 48 hours before the travel date.

Steps to retrieve Pegasus Airlines tickets:

  • Enter the Turkish company Pegasus website on the Internet:


  • You will find a box in the middle of the screen where it says my ticket.
  • You will be asked to enter the reservation code, and the last name, which are data that you will find written in the ticket in your possession (note that the last name is written first in the airline tickets).
  • Then click continue.
  • A screen will appear for you with the flight details, make sure it is correct, then go to the last button and you will find cancel all flights written on it, press it.
  • A question will appear for you to confirm the cancellation, click on the green button and it means agreeing to confirm the cancellation.
  • A new screen will appear in which the value of the refund amount will be written, and you will find a question to confirm the approval or rejection of the procedure.
  • Click the green button and it means approval, and by this, you have completed the procedures for canceling the ticket, and the ticket amount will be refunded within 3 or 4 days on the same credit card from which the reservation was made, whoever is the owner of this card, and for this, you must communicate with the card owner in case of failure Own it.

And this is to follow up on the messages that will be sent to him on his own e-mail, which explain the addition or transfer of the ticket amount refunded to his bank account.

how to pegasus refund ticket

One of the best ways used for Pegasus refund ticket is by calling their phone number as the following:

Here is their US number 001 855 229 8999

Here are their TR numbers 0 850 250 0 737 & 444 0 737 with code +61

Here are their HQ numbers in Istanbul

+90 (216) 560 70 00

+90 (216) 560 71 00

In addition, sending mails can never fail to be helpful and it is another efficient way for contacting their customer care for any support.



Since most organizations now seek new ways of communication that do not depend mostly on the human aspect to guarantee high customer satisfaction, using their WhatsApp chatbot will be a great efficient step. It is found on the right bottom of their official site

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