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Istanbul Arel University is a private nonprofit university based in Istanbul, Turkey.

 Teaching is primarily conducted in English offering Bachelor’s, Masters’ and PhD programs.

Once founded in 1990, Arel College in Istanbul used to expand its educational spectrum with Arel Pre-School, Arel Primary School, Arel Anatolian High School, Arel Science High School and Arel Sports and Culture Complex in the following years.

After 26 years, the institute tried to expand its operations to the university level in a similar way.

Arel University History

It was founded on May 18, 2007, by Kamal Gosyukara and the Education and Culture Foundation, It has a rank of 117 in Turkey and 6599 among the world’s universities.

Oezguer Goezuekara (the benefactor’s son) has been president of the Arel University Board of Trustees since 2018. Hilmi Ibar is helping him create an international network.

An agreement was once held with the DHBW Loerrach in December 2018 with the objective of growing student and professorial exchanges and frequent instructional projects.

Arel University is located near the city center and in a distinguished neighborhood close to transportation and vital areas inside the city.

The location of Istanbul Arel University makes it easy for students to reach because it is located in a very strategic location for students.

In addition, the teaching in Istanbul Arel university is supervised by a large cadre of educators with academic degrees, and international curricula are used that is Accredited by the largest European universities, ensuring students have a high academic achievement.

The University offers modern classrooms with all necessary equipment, as well as a wide range of well-equipped laboratories with all materials and designs.

Distance learning in Arel University:

Istanbul Arel University has a system of online learning because many students prefer this form of education during their degrees. Also, it is the preferable method of teaching that emerged recently due to the Coronavirus and social distancing.

The university motivates all students for scientific and industrial advancement in various fields.

In global corporations, The University provides several internship opportunities with over 2500 companies worldwide, one of them is Mercedes. And students may get certificates as evidence of work experience.

Anyone in Istanbul Arel university is constantly certain every scholar achieves the exceptional educational diploma as they provide new generations with best schooling with no immoderate charges.

 Istanbul Arel university has two campuses:

The first campus is positioned in Safa Koi and the second campus is in Tebkanet in Western Istanbul

 Istanbul Arel university is the destination for many university college students due to the average fees. For example, the university offers the department of Business administration for about at 2000 TL a year this is a low tuition fees  in comparison to other private universities that grant the same educational level of Istanbul Arel university.



Colleges at Istanbul Arel university:

the University consists of eight one-of-a-kind faculties which are:

  • Faculty of medicine
  •  Faculty of fine arts
  •  Faculty of Health Science
  •  Faculty of science and literature
  • Faculty of engineering and architecture
  •  Faculty of communications
  • Faculty economics and administrative sciences
  • Faculty applied science in addition to having a vocational and labor Faculty

 The faculties at Istanbul Arel university:

  • fitness sciences academy
  • school of applied sciences
  • college of languages school of vocations

Institute masters programs for graduates and correspondence publications:

  • utilized sciences institute
  • the social science institutes
  •  fitness care institute

To communicate with Istanbul Arel university:

 Phone number to contact Istanbul Arel university: 08508502735

University location on the map:

Istanbul Arel University website:

To know the prices of Istanbul Arel university majors, you can view them through the following link:

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